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Colorado Archery - Unit 15
Mule Deer
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DEBob 01-Sep-17
Glunt@work 01-Sep-17
Sean McConnell 05-Sep-17
BigOk 05-Sep-17
From: DEBob
Headed out to Colorado soon. Never hunted Mule Deer but have visited the unit. I know it's thick with timber and oak brush. Any advice how to start, what to look for and tactics to try would be appreciated!

From: Glunt@work
Have fun! The bucks will be rubbing off velvet the next couple weeks and that usually changes their behavior and locations so you can find them about anywhere and you can draw a blank on the ridge they were on the last 3 weeks. A lot of the public in 15 is thick but there are places to glass morning and evening. Lots of time looking and more watching than walking. Still hunting (emphasis on "still') through big tracts of aspens during the day can be productive. They are browsers more than grazers so south facing slopes that are brushy are good morning/evening spots.


Sean McConnell's embedded Photo
Sean McConnell's embedded Photo
Got this Doe in GMU 18 on Saturday. 9200 feet, 1200, hot and sunny. She was coming out to get some water from a creek I was next too.

From: BigOk

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