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Last minute hunting buddy
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69CaveMan 01-Sep-17
easeup 01-Sep-17
t-roy 01-Sep-17
From: 69CaveMan
My hunting pals just bailed on me for an archery hunt 14-20SEP2017

We were going to use OTC either sex elk tags to hunt holy cross and frying pan wilderness areas between leadville and basalt, CO.

Couple days from truck and couple days from bivvy

Anybody interested


From: easeup
oh man, a search on some of the sites for hunting solo and why people choose to do so..............many got that way from too many poor hunting partners in the past. the evil you don't know may be worse than the evil you do know.

From: t-roy
01-Sep-17 might end up with a dependable partner that you can rely on year after year. Hopefully, that's what happens for you. Good luck!

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