Vortex Broadheads
Fletching/Vein replacement
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scoobiedoo2 04-Sep-17
Shawn 04-Sep-17
longspeak74 05-Sep-17
From: scoobiedoo2
I have a few carbon arrows that the vanes have fallen off from. I really don't have the time to take them into a archery shop to have them repaired. I've read about the shrink wrap vanes that are suppose to work decent. Since I don't have a jig to do repair arrows in the traditional way, is this a good alternative? I don't shoot a lot so ongoing arrow repair isn't a issue. Basically I just shoot one deer per year (if I'm lucky enough).

From: Shawn
Yup, the shrink wrap ones will do it! Shawn

From: longspeak74
NAP 'Hell Fire' shrink wraps have worked very well for me.

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