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Go pro?
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Mike Castillo 05-Sep-17
Stycks 05-Sep-17
Dyjack 05-Sep-17
Charlie Rehor 05-Sep-17
Sage Buffalo 05-Sep-17
Stubbleduck 05-Sep-17
Anyone used a gopro for filming your hunt? Usually my wife uses a camcorder and is my camerawoman, but she is unable to join me on my BC moose hunt this year. I have some Cabela's points burning a hole in my pocket...but if it isn't going to work I don't want to waste my money. Any thoughts?

From: Stycks
I have use the predator camera, with good results and they are a bowsite sponsor.

From: Dyjack
They're great cameras for action shots, but the footage of animals is only good when you're real close. I'd look at a lot of footage first before you decide.

Bring your Camcorder and give it to your guide. Good luck! C

From: Sage Buffalo

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Go pros are awesome and hard to beat if you aren't dragging a big camera and tripod into the filed. Here's a video from my GoPro. (about half way through I switch to a bear hunt all shot from my GoPro)

From: Stubbleduck
Ultimate Predator camera is similar in size to the Go Pro but is much more useful as a hunting recorder as it has several choices for magnification / field of view. It is also quite a bit cheaper and comes with a bunch of extra mounting devices that are extra cost items for Go Pro. I used my UP camera last deer season and again for spring bear and have been very happy with the results.

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