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From: Medicinemann
So I have just returned from driving my Toyota Tacoma about 8,000 miles in three weeks out west....(Colorado antelope, Took my wife to Oklahoma so she could pig hunt, and then on to Wyoming for more antelope). Other than being a little "saddle sore", no problems. Get into my little 34mpg Honda Civic and drive less than 4 miles, and get crushed by a Dodge Ram pickup. Totalled the car, possibly totalled the truck as well.....and as I am trying to regain my senses (only going 35 mpg), after shouting the obligatory F-Bomb (hey, I am ex-Navy and have a mouth like a sailor, gimme a break), I check myself for blood and broken bones. My first coherent thought was.....broken legs, no problem, I'll use crutches and camo the cast....but please no broken arm!! It is rather comical when I look at my thought processing, after the fact.....we both walked away. I'll probably be pretty sore tomorrow, and the kid was fine.....

From: Korey Wolfe
Really glad to hear you are ok. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

From: drycreek
Kinda breathtaking ain't it ? Glad you're ok Jake.

From: Buffalo1
You're very fortunate as you sustained no real injuries or worse. You get the "big picture" and that's what really important.

A friend of mine who once owned one of the biggest car dealers in the area had a stranger ask my friend what he did for a living. My friend's response was , " I sell sheet metal and plastic." A simple but true answer. That all a vehicle really is.

From: Ace
Wow, glad you're here to tell us the story Jake. Sorry to hear about the Honda.

I was driving a VW Rabbit once and got crushed by an 18 wheeler. I was unhurt and the driver of the truck didn't even know he hit me until I pointed out the paint all over his rig. I used the same sort of languages you did.

From: t-roy
Glad to hear you're OK, Jake. Maybe time to upgrade to a Lezbaru!

From: BigOk
Glad to hear you are ok.

Damn, Jake! Glad you are alive.

From: BC
That's a tough one Jake. Glad you're ok. Insurance paperwork will be a pain but at least you won't lose the season.

From: Hawkeye
Holy smokes Jake. Glad you are ok man...never know! Unbelievable that you walked away. Angel on your shoulder.

Geez Jake, It can happen in a nano second!

Glad your Ok and hope the kid is also.

From: Nick Muche
Glad your ok Jake!

From: Medicinemann
Nancy got home from work an hour after dark. So we drove down to where the vehicle is currently parked. As we're walking up to it in the dark, I'm thinking that there is actually more damage than I remembered there to be....and once again, I am thinking in terms of ground growth or ground shrinkage as I walk up to an animal. So when the wreck occurs, I am concerned with broken arm bones....nothing else. As I walk up the vehicle tonight, I am thinking in terms of ground shrinkage (or the opposite). We bowhunters are a strange lot....LOL

From: kota-man
So glad to hear you're ok Jake. Yep, we're an odd bunch but there's worse!

From: T Mac
Glad to hear your OK Jake.

From: pav
Glad you were able to walk away from the accident Jake!

I'm still struggling to picture you stuffed behind the wheel of a Honda Civic.....

From: Zebrakiller
Glad you all ok

From: Scoot
Wow! A perspective clarifying moment no doubt! Other than being able to shoot a bow, I'm guessing you've had some thoughts on other important things since it happened. Maybe not, but I'm guessing...

Glad you're ok, Jake!

From: Buffalo1
Lou posted photos of his trailer mishap, Bigdan posted photos of his collision. Jake you need to post photos of your "NASCAR walk away!"

Maybe we should start a "Collision Meatpole" thread ?

From: rooster
Glad to hear you're okay. I'm surprised that you can fit in a Civic!

From: Beav
Wow! Thankfully you are okay Jake!

From: Brotsky
Glad to hear you and the other driver are both okay Jake! A little soreness goes away in a few days and you'll be good as new! Amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye! It certainly did for us a couple years ago and it made me appreciate every little thing we have! Take acre and good luck this fall!

Glad you are ok .

From: OldnGrumpy
Glad you are OK. I was told never to sign a release until a while after an accident, for what it's worth. Too many DipWads out there.

From: Scar Finga
Happy to hear you are well Jake! God Bless and keep that perspective! Scar.

Dang Jake. Glad you walked away from that one. Whew!!!

From: Bake
Glad you're okay! Yep, we're a funny bunch. My wife is continually amazed at how everything revolves around that fall season for me.

I placed myself on the 10 day DL today as my back has been acting up.

From: Nesser
Wow Jake...great to hear you're all ok!

Thinking of you in Kansas! C

From: Owl
Glad you and your arms are ok Jake.

From: Medicinemann
Thanks for the well wishes everyone, but I wrote the article to be FUNNY. I was amused that my first concern was archery related, versus financial, inconvenience, etc. Then again, when walking up to the car, the observation of ground shrinkage (or the opposite), was again somewhat humorous to me. I was trying to draw attention to how pre-occupied many of us are about our bowhunting......I guess you had to be

From: Florida Mike
Pics or it didn't happen! Mike

From: njbuck
Glad to hear you are ok Jake. Best of luck the remainder of your season.

From: Ironbow
Glad you are OK.

A friend of mine rock climbs, and rides a bike a LOT. He and his climbing buddy were on a wall when a t-storm moves in and strikes the top of the rock 30' above him. The bolt goes down their rope and gets him and his buddy, then clear to the base where it knocks 4 guys around like pin balls.

My buddy gets knocked out for 45 minutes. The guy below him couldn't use his hands or arms, they were numb, so he just hangs there. My buddy comes to, realizes he has no use of his legs, and his first thought was "I wonder if I can race wheel chair bikes".

Both of them eventually gained use of their limbs and got off the rock. Other than some minor burns, they were OK. I laughed when he told me his comment.

I cut my fingers at work one time and my first thought was, "Wow, glad that wasn't my string hand."

From: Inshart
Yeah, first thoughts are strange.

A few years ago when I was in Canada for a few days of fishing, a storm came in and I tried to drag a 30 foot log back to the front of my boat to keep it from banging on the rocks.

I heard a loud snap - lower bicep tendon tear to my right (dominate) arm. My second thought was how am I going to pull my bow back (already applied for my CO elk tag).

From: GregE
We are strange critters. Bowhunting isn't life or death........ but it's close


Glad you are ok man.

Life is a gift. Blessed are those fortunate enough to have the health to do some of the things they want. It's a blessing. Not a given. And, it can be taken from any of us in the blink of an eye.

God Bless men and thank the one and only for every single breath you get doing the things you love. Next year, some of us won't be here. So, get right with the maker and stay with him. It might be you

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