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From: APauls
I know I am tempting fate asking for opinions on the internet...but anyways what do u guys that have experience think - my recurve is a 50# tall tines, arrow is 530 grains travelling just under 160fps. This is a guess, because I chrono'd my 485gr arrow at 164fps. That arrow never flew perfectly true, and so adding 45gr upfront she flies like a dart now, and my trajectory didn't change out to 55 yards. Arrows are grouping in vitals of my Rhineheart deer (so pie plate) to 50 yards. Haven't shot too much past that. Did drop a few in there further for fun :). No I am not planning on whacking a bull that far, but in case a follow up shot is necessary it's there and makes the close shots very easy.

So the crux of it is I wish that my arrow was either heavier and doing as well, or faster at that weight. I haven't ever shot a moose yet. Hunt is for Canadian not Shiraz and if I get a shot the last thing I want to see is an arrow not penetrate ribs. Ribs are the only thing I'm worried about. Sure it would be nice to plow through shoulder blades etc, but I'm just worried about ribs for now. Thoughts?

From: Ermine
I would think it would be fine!

From: Turkeyhunter
Your good to go with that set up.

With a sharp broadhead you will have a dead moose!

I agree, but your shot is going to have to be close .... all my heavy bows, 53 - 56, I can not shoot anymore, so I am down under 50..... for bear and deer, its not longer than 15 yards for me now, cause I want complete penetration, out of my 2 blade.

My friend shot a nice moose in Ontario, with 50lbs, and at 25 yards, penetration was just okay, but again, talk to guys and outfitters, who really know moose,,,,,,

good luck

From: Franzen
Nice shooting man. Get that broadhead sharp and post up some moose pictures.

From: Ollie
Use a good cut on contact 2 blade head and keep your shots at close range and you should do fine. You need to optimize penetration for a big critter like a moose. Tall Tines recurve bows are pretty fast. Your number seem a bit lower than I would expect. The chronograph that you used may not be very accurate or you may have a poor release that is slowing down your arrow. Your accuracy sounds real good. Very few traditional shooters can keep their arrows in the vitals of a deer size target at 50 yards.

From: M.Pauls
He didn't mention what his draw length was so it's tough to speculate on speeds. Being his brother and shooting side by side, I know what my draw length is on a compound, but on my TT I think my DL at anchor is 28.5 and I figure Adams would be 27.5, give or take a shade on both numbers. Shooting the same arrow we're roughly an inch different at full draw. Shooting the same setup we are about 10 fps difference. Tall Tines have been pretty quick for me and my 54# is shooting 565gr arrow at 170 fps.

From: APauls
Thanks for the input guys! Yes we are definitely hoping for close shots, and will work hard at getting those beasts up tight. As Matt mentions, he seems to be shooting a little quicker than I am, and we're attributing it to draw length. He shot my bow and got another 10fps out of it than myself. Matt also gave me a couple of 565gr arrows to try, and I'll give them a whirl as well.

Ollie - appreciate the compliment. I have been very happy with the way the shooting has gone. I've tried different trad bows before but the second I tried this tall tines everything was different. It seems to want to shoot itself. I've really enjoyed shooting it and the majority of my practice is in the 25-45 yard range and then I go up close just to make sure I practice those shots a little as well. Much like shooting a compound at long range it makes the close shots feel so much easier. I end up concentrating on a golf tee sized spot at 20 and under as opposed to "just the vitals" further out. Either way, it's been a joy, and I can hardly sleep thinking about hunting moose in a few weeks. I borrowed my brother's chrono today to play around with it a little bit.

From: Glunt@work
With great arrow flight you are fine. I wouldn't worry about the chrono too much. If thats the setup you are taking, it is what it is.

Have fun!

From: Sage Buffalo
I shot a giant cow moose with a compound that had similar numbers - don't ask me how long ago that was. Got full penetration no problem.

Distance is not as important if you are a 30 and under guy. What's MORE important is shot selection. Broadside or slightly quartering away ONLY. This is not a time to think, "I read on Bowsite about frontal shots...".

Good luck!

From: Shawn
Sorry but whoever said your shots would have to be close are full of bunk. If you can hit a paper plate at 50 yards and you shoot a scary sharp broadhead I believe you will will put two holes in an elk as long as you stay off the shoulder. I have killed a lot of critters with a recurve and when my shoulders were operated on I kill several deer shooting 37-42#s and an arrow that weighed only 8 grains per pound of my draw weight. I got pass throughs on most of them and some shots were as far as 35 yards. You will be fine and anything 50 and in should be in trouble, that is some fine shooting. After 40 yards my accuracy drops off too much to shoot unless everything feels perfect. Shawn

The stickbow brothers, love it! Good luck on your moose hunt.

From: Fuzzy
you're fine. Good luck!

From: APauls
Ollie was right again, brought the chrono home. The first time we tried it was a windy day outside and the wind was wreaking havoc on the chrono. For what it's worth I had 530gr arrows moving at 169 fps give or take 1 fps. Thanks for the votes of confidence guys. Really looking forward to the hunt! Way too much to do before then, both work and at home. Going to be one of those hunts where it will take a full day or two to let the shoulders down, but we will have a great time!!

The stickbow brothers, love it! Good luck on your moose hunt.

From: drycreek
I'm just amazed at that kind of accuracy at 50 yards ! That's great shooting from a recurve !

From: carcus
Draw it back to your ear and you'll be good.

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