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Swirling wind prediction
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Dyjack 06-Sep-17
oldgoat 06-Sep-17
ElkNut1 06-Sep-17
Tdiesel 06-Sep-17
From: Dyjack
This last weekend a buddy and I had a calling set up on a bull that went south we called a bull down a ridge our west. The wind was blowing perfectly from the west into our faces when we began moving into the set up. My buddy moved up about 50 yards ahead of me when I started cow calling. We were set up on a small grove and I was in a location where he would not be able to verify if I was elk until passed the shooter.

To our surprise the bull began coming in on a string down the ridge. He was screaming to us as he walked in. The bull cleared to 100 yards and kept coming.

The last bugle I cut him off with a challenge. Then he dipped into the tree line and disappeared. I realized the wind was now blowing from the east right on my neck.

Sorry about the long story, but I've been trying to figure out if it was the challenge bugle that spooked him. Or if it was the wind. Maybe both?

If the wind, how do you predict where the wind will be at when you go into your set up?

From: oldgoat
You figure out the predicting swirling winds and you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams!

From: ElkNut1
If it wasn't the wind it would have most likely been the Challenge Bugle. No way would I have injected a bugle in that scenario. As he's coming towards you bugling & chuckling he's giving you a direction to come to him, you already had a committed bull to your cow calling! He was in search mode for this cow & coming, it was not confrontational. Because he came from so far away the odds are good it was a satellite bull & was more than happy to come check her out! Reserve the Bugle only if he hangs up but cannot see where the calling is coming from.


From: Tdiesel
you can pretty well predict that the winds will swirl on a set up any time an elk is about 80-100 yards out at least that's been my experience. sounds like yours too

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