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From: Bigfoot

Bigfoot's embedded Photo
Bigfoot's embedded Photo
Four years ago I took my best bull to date in an area that has become my favorite elk hunting spot. Since I found it, I have been very lucky to have taken 4 bulls in the area in 5 years, missing one year because of special draws for Antelope and Moose. Not sure I can keep that streak going, but it is a special place. In hunting and hiking through that country since, I have occasionally looked for the bones of that particular bull, but never found any. I assumed the local bears and other critters had scattered them. However, this past weekend, on my first hunting days of this fall, a reflection in the timber caught my eye. I walked over and found the cut skull of my bull from four years ago. Brought back great memories of a fantastic experience and a beautiful animal whose antlers I look at frequently in my house. I give thanks when I look at those antlers, and gave thanks again when I found his skull. We have had a terribly dry summer this year, and I couldn't find any elk this weekend. I think they have moved to where food and water is better. But I did find a great memory.

From: Lark Bunting
WOW!!!! That is AMAZING! i think I found the skull this summer to my first animal, a doe I had shot three years ago. It was within 30 yards of where I dressed her out and underneath a downed log. Super special to have it in my possession now.

From: Bowfreak
Very cool.

From: CurveBow
Cool find. I have looked at bones from a bull I killed in CO in 2004 many times! Any time I hunt in the area, I look for them.

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