Garmin Xero Bow Sight
Anyone try these?
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spike78 06-Sep-17
Buffalomtn 06-Sep-17
Franklin 06-Sep-17
APauls 07-Sep-17
From: spike78

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Was checking out Lancasters when I noticed these on here and never heard of them. They look like a Slick Trick Razor Trick but way thicker in the blades and maybe a hair wider.

From: Buffalomtn
Those are Discontinued Steelforce American Muscle Heads. They only made them for one season. I never shot anything with them other than targets. They flew decent but seemed to dull quickly.

From: Franklin
If you like that design of head, I believe the maker of the "Shuttle T Lok" came out with a head similar to that was one of the HIGHEST preforming broadheads in a large bowhunting magazines test.

From: APauls
Looks like a steel force. Even has the Nicklock washer or whatever they call that

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