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Need to PM Dino
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c5ken 06-Sep-17
WV Mountaineer 06-Sep-17
Bigpizzaman 06-Sep-17
Dino 08-Sep-17
From: c5ken
I just read the write-up by Dino regarding his Australian dream hunt. I have a 2018 bow hunt planned with the same outfitter (Tyler Chubb).

I would like to contact (PM, email, etc) Dino in order to ask some questions.

Can someone please tell me how I can contact Dino?

Thanks, ken

Click on his name in a post and, then click on send a private message. God Bless

From: Bigpizzaman
I did the huntbtight before Dino, feel free to PM me!

From: Dino
Gotcha Ken. Thx fellas.

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