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What's up with that?????
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Coyote 65 07-Sep-17
midwest 07-Sep-17
Bowboy 07-Sep-17
Woods Walker 07-Sep-17
TD 07-Sep-17
drycreek 07-Sep-17
Coyote 65 09-Sep-17
From: Coyote 65
Got bulls bugling, can hear them outside my door. And when I walked out tonight I see what looks like a small 5x5 with the cows, and he is still in velvet. Cactus bull, or a cow with antlers? Terry

From: midwest
Low T ;-)

From: Bowboy
Transgender elk.

From: Woods Walker
Did you just assume it's gender?? How neanderthalic!!

From: TD
Maybe just a late bloomer?..... I don't think he'll be hangin' with the cows in a week or two though.......

From: drycreek
Whatcha drinkin' yote ?

From: Coyote 65
Woods Walker, mea culpa, drycreek, the beverage of choice is diet cola, haven't had anything stronger in 30 years when I thought my ex wife was going to drive me to drink. Cobbled up a spreadsheet and found it was cheaper to get a divorce and not drink at all.


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