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Scarpa boot break-in
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JDM 07-Sep-17
ohiohunter 07-Sep-17
Scar Finga 07-Sep-17
Nick Muche 07-Sep-17
Ermine 08-Sep-17
jims 08-Sep-17
From: JDM
Just ordered a pair of scarpa triolet's. How long/miles does it take to break them in?

From: ohiohunter
For what it's worth kenetreks recommend 40mi on flat ground.

From: Scar Finga
My Lowas were around 50-60 miles...On flatish ground.

From: Nick Muche
My Scarpas required very little time to break in. I maybe did 10 miles with them on before using them on kodiak. I have about a year on them now with no issues. Nice boots.

From: Ermine
Nick- what model of scarpas did you get?

From: jims
I've used and abused 2 pairs of Scarpa Kailash boots and didn't need any break in time for either. They are actually one of my favorite medium weight hiking boots. They are stiff enough for super steep, rocky terrain but still fairly lightweight. I use them daily at work and also for hunting deer, elk, antelope, bighorn, mtn goat, dall sheep, etc. I looked up the Triolets and they look like super stiff mountaineering type boots. Not sure how long it would take for them. Scarpa make great boots and have always treated me (and my feet) very well.

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