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Colorado Last Week
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Darrell 09-Sep-17
Coyote 65 09-Sep-17
From: Darrell
Its been a crazy summer for me as my father was in the hospital an hour away and I've juggled time at hospital, work, taking care of my mom and their place as well as our place. Anyway, my father passed away on Sunday and we had the funeral on Thursday. I am going to get to CO for the last week and I have a place I hunted in 2009 but I'm not real excited about it as we only saw/heard bulls one evening of our hunt in 09. In hindsight and looking at the maps, I have an idea where the elk may have gone when pressured but its just an idea. Anyway, I'm in the worst shape physically I have ever been in September but I'm going to make a go of it anyway. I know its a long shot but if anyone wants to help me out with a secondary spot or two, I'd love to hear from you. I have been on Bowsite since the beginning though I haven't posted in almost a year.

From: Coyote 65
Sorry for your pain Darrell, Have no spots I can give you, but good luck on your hunt. Walk slower, reflect more.


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