Is hunting a family affair?
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From: shade mt
I really don't have hunting buddies., except my son's and daughters (all grown now) and my brothers, and dad. Seems like if I'm not solo I am ALWAYS with a family member. Been like that all my life.

Anyone else ?

From: Scoot
Hunting has been a family affair my whole life. It has included my mom dad brothers sisters cousins uncles aunts you name it. However I have a handful of very good hunting buddies as well who I am not related to. I'm blessed to have both!

From: deerslayer
I suppose it all depends on your background and place in life. Growing up I almost exclusively hunted with my older brothers and cousins. As I got older we all kind of went our separate ways hunting wise, and then I moved out west. Now I pretty much do almost everything solo. My wife used to hunt with me a lot, but now that the kids are in school, sports, etc, that is the exception rather than the norm. I actually enjoy hunting solo as I have only me and myself to worry about or argue with! Most of my good friends aren't as into hunting as I am, and the ones that are, are pretty much solo themselves.

I think there is a time, place, and season for everything. As my kids approach legal hunting age I will most likely begin to focus a lot more effort on getting them in the woods with me. So far their desire to hunt with dad looks promising! I may not be taking them on my 2 week horseback elk hunt anytime soon, but tree stand, ground blind type stuff most definitely! This may be blasphemy on the BS, but I actually think gun season is a good time to take kids, especially when looking to fill tags. There's usually a pretty good chance of something hitting the ground, which makes the experience that much more memorable for kids.

So to answer you question I think it all depends at which stage you are in life, and what your priorities are. At my current stage I'm mostly solo, and go to great lengths to fill the freezer every year, but as my kids and I grow older I foresee hunting becoming more and more of a family affair. They already really enjoy the meat processing operations, which I think is a fantastic way to get kids accustomed to what really goes into getting food on the table. No snowflakes allowed in my house!

From: Cornfed 77
absolutely! Grew up hunting with my father and grandfather, chasing Iowa whitetails with slug guns. Once I fell in love I introduced my would be wife to upland bird hunting then into deer hunting. Now we have two amazing kids, my son has shot several good bucks and my now 11 year old daughter killed her first deer last year. The whole family is excited because she gets to hunt this upcoming Saturday in the Iowa youth season. So i may have onions, loins and breaded heart this weekend!

From: thedude
I try to hunt with family as much as possible now. Most people dont realize they are on borrowed time until its too late. Multiple deployments have kept me from having as much time as id like so I take every chance I can to get out with family. I also dont have many non family hunting partners because they are either too unreliable or cant keep their mouths shut about good areas.

From: yooper89
I would tend to agree. Growing up in the UP, I hunted with family more than anything. I had friends that hunted, but they never really took it seriously.

From: BigOk
Grew up hunting with Family only, in my late teens to early 20's hunted with close friends quickly realized why I hunted with Family. Not everyone has the same priorities. Then back to hunting with my Dad only. Now have my 9 year old daughter in training for my new hunting partner. She is more eat up with deer hunting than I am. Hopefully she will be able to take her first deer wth a rifle this year.

From: Buskill
Started off as a family affair for me . Hunted with dad for years, in late high school/early college I began hunting with other family members. Eventually it became mainly hunting with friends and traveling more . Now in my 40's I hunt with friends still but also my wife . My kids hunt a bit but not much . I hoping that changes as the years go on .

From: Crusader dad
My brothers in law hunt with me sometimes but my youngest son is my hunting partner.

From: Glunt@work
Grew up hunting with my Dad. He was never as into it as I ended up being but he lit the fire, taught me the basics and even when money was tight he made sure I had 22 rounds, arrows, BBs and license.

From: Shawn
It used to always be for me until about 6-7 years ago. My Dad passed and one of my brothers did too. My oldest brother now 66 has pretty much lost the desire and one moved away. I miss having my Dad hunting with me as he was my best friend. I now prefer to hunt big game by myself and small game with a group of friends. I hate to say this but the art of hunting is slowly disappearing! Shawn

From: elk yinzer
Damn right it is. I just grew up immersed in it. There was no choosing, it's just what the men in our family did. Family time still comes first. I've gotten 2 of my best friends into hunting as adults and they are the only folks outside the family I ever hunt with.

From: drycreek
Somewhat. My oldest son hunts, but we seldom hunt together, mostly because work conflicted. I'm retired now, so we probably will hunt together more. My youngest never took to it much, but did hunt with me until he became a teenager, then other interests captured his attention. My son in law, however goes with me any time he can get down here. He lives four hours away from me so it's generally three to four times a year. I mostly hunt with a few friends.


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From: shade mt
So much so that at thanksgiving, or any meal where the whole family is gathered around the table. (we had five kids) my wife separates the men at one end and the women at the other. She say's ...."that way you guys can talk your hunting"

From: jensbear
It is in my family. My grandfather got my dad out hunting and my dad passed it along to my brothers and I and now my nephew is an avid hunter also. I always look forward to us getting together in for spring turkey and then deer season. We always have a blast together. My dad will be 85 years old in November and he is still hunting with us and going to 3D shoots almost every weekend.

My paretntal family is all gone now,,,,, miss my dad the most,,,,,, my wife and daughter love to fish, and be outdoors, and support my bowhunting,,,, they are not hunters, but support me all the way......... I think its great a family hunts together,,,,,,

Now I have one or two good partners,,,,,, its all good


Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
Wouldn't know what to do without spending time in the woods with my boys. I still get away for a couple weeks a year to bowhunt by myself, or with PBS friends, but I wouldn't trade the world for the time I get to spend with my boys.

I have hunting partners that are not blood kin but certainly are family. My father did not hunt but he taught us all to shoot. My brothers both hunted a bit but I made it a way of life. I was "adopted"by a hunting family early on and they took on my hunting partners too. I can't imagine hunting and not being able to tell someone who cares about your adventure.

From: T Mac
I did not grow up in a family of hunters. I was one of 3 boys and only one interested in hunting. I generally hunt with friends but my youngest boy got his license last year at 12 and is in to it for now. I hope to grow old hunting together with him.

From: Surfbow

Surfbow's embedded Photo
Surfbow's embedded Photo
It is now! We got out for some doves the other night...

From: ahunter55

ahunter55's embedded Photo
ahunter55's embedded Photo
Son, he's been tagging along since he was about 3 & now an accomplished archer/bowhunter & teaching his kids. Adult Daughter when she gets a chance & I now enjoy the company of G-kids interested in archery/bowhunting too. I have also shared several bowhunts out of state with friends I have made through bowhunting & those are great times too. I also get away for a solo every now & then so I guess I've experienced them all. Family is always special.

From: fubar racin
Im in deer camp now with 3 generations. My father is my hunting buddy for sure my youngest boy will be and my wife is with me on nearly every hunt! Family time is hard to come by in my line of work im glad i can spend the time i get in the woods hunting with them.

From: oldgoat

oldgoat's embedded Photo
oldgoat's embedded Photo
It is for me and my wife, still working on the step son, but he was a grown man when I met his mom and it's not his thing yet.

From: Brotsky
I hunt probably 75% of the time with family and 25% of the time with buddies or on my own. Family time spent together in the woods is priceless. My boy will be old enough to hit the woods this year for the first time. Good stuff!

From: Pintail
Over the years I have always had a gunning partner when waterfowling but, bow hunting has been 90% solo.

From: kellyharris
My dad has been my bow hunting partner since 1976 both my boys hunted and quit.

My daughter Morgan and my wife hunt with me. This year Morgan should hunt more (hopefully) since she could not do marching band this year.

Her boyfriend likes to hunt so I am hoping that will help get her in the woods. I plan on inviting him a lot.

My wife about a month ago looked at me and says (I'm killing something this year)! Lol

Hopefully it becomes a good season

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