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Late Sept best tips and tactics
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huntaholic 09-Sep-17
Cowhand 09-Sep-17
Royboy 10-Sep-17
huntaholic 11-Sep-17
HDE 11-Sep-17
DonVathome 11-Sep-17
From: huntaholic
We are 9 days out from departing Buffalo, NY and making the short drive over to Wyoming. This will be our 4th Wyoming Elk hunt but it will be the latest I have ever hunted the area. Our dates are usually the 10th - 20th or the 12th - 22nd. I had to go a little later this year because of some work obligations but I am looking forward to it because it seems every year the last 48hours of our trip is the most bugling we hear the whole time.

I know they are often herded up pretty good and can be much tougher to call but all that aside for those of you who have had success in the last 10 days of Sept I would love to hear some input from you on what has worked best.

Spot and stalk using the overly vocal Bulls to help you keep their location? Standard aggressive bugling tactics? Cow calling, like a cow has got away from the heard? Anything! This will be a first. We will be hunting to the last minute of the last day; well hopefully not ; )

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


From: Cowhand
There really is no one thing that is for sure to work. Just going to have to feel them out. I suggest to start quieter rather than louder i.e. bugle once or twice early in the morning to locate, and move in from there. If there is two or more of you hunting draw straws for who calls and who shoots first. The most successful tactic I know of is for one person to call and the other to either stalk in or set up for a passing shot. Remember if you are close enough to see the hunter when you are the caller you are too close. Good Luck and shoot strait!!

From: Royboy
We use locate calls starting in the dark but at that time they should be pretty vocal. We still cow call and look for the satellite bulls to check you out. Depending on your goals there are 300" satellites out there. Good luck

From: huntaholic
Royboy, That's what I was thinking. The Bulls should be very vocal which should allow us to locate the herds pretty easy. I would be more then happy with just about any branch antlered Bull so I figured get in close to the herd and call using a mix of bugles and cow calls. Satellite Bulls will probably come in and check us out. I'm guessing in these type of scenarios the satellites often come in pretty quite?

From: HDE
Small bull noises. A big sounding bull won't necessarily draw the herd bull in, but likely will make him bug out.

Some of the best elk noises are not vocal as well.

From: DonVathome
I always had a lot of luck then - rutting bulls vocal etc. Especially in WY

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