Poachers in Washington
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PECO 10-Sep-17
JTV 10-Sep-17
bowbender77 10-Sep-17
LBshooter 10-Sep-17
From: PECO

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Another group of scumbags caught. I hope they really put it to them. If there is already a post on this I apologize in advance.


From: JTV
Talking about putting legitimate hunters in a bad light .. Sheeze !! ...these are scum of the earth .. .this is more fodder to be used against us and where hunting with dogs is still legal ....

From: bowbender77
It's a family tradition !

From: LBshooter
Yo e to put these scumbags in jail for along time and make examples out each. Felonies means no guns ever again no hunting,ever again. Wondering if they are related to mr bill.

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