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How do you wash your Sitka gear?
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Teeton 12-Sep-17
I finally bit the bullet and ordered some Sitka gear off of Camofire a few months back. I (believe) I have the traverse pants and 1/4 zip traverse shirt? Do you guys use "nikwax" on all your stuff or just plain old unscented laundry detergent and why? Thanks in advance.

From: Orion
Plain old unscented, never had an issue with it from what I can tell. The main reason I use it, is that's what I have always used on all of my hunting clothing. I've used it with my base layers all the way up to cold weather gear.

No need to baby the Sitka Gear. Usually I turn it inside out for washing and drying but it holds up very well.

From: LINK
A lot of the drying instructions say to dry on low heat or air dry, especially if it has merino in it. I turn mine inside out an dry on low heat for 20 minutes and pull it out and let it finish on a plastic hanger.

From: md5252
Yup,wash normally and dry on low or air dry

Great apparel

From: Ermine
I usually just hang dry is that bad?

From: WapitiBob
Throw it in the washer with everything else. I'm afraid to shrink my hunting cloths so I hang them.

From: rgwaldron
be careful drying. I didn't and the zippers on the pockets fell apart on my timberline pants. However, my wife called them and apparently they have this awesome warranty. They replaced them even though they were 3 years old. They even sent me a fedex label to cover shipping. They said if they couldn't fix them they would replace them and about a week later I had a new pair of pants show up in the mail.

From: ohiohunter
I never dry my hunting threads in the dryer, only if weather conditions don't allow hang dry. Let them badboys air dry in nature, not your downy fresh dryer.

Ok sounds good. Unscented detergent and a hang dry makes sense to me. Thanks guys.

From: smarba
I wash mine with unscented "hunting" soap with no UV brighteners. I hang mine to dry. No need to add wear & tear + heat of dryer. Sitka will drip dry in a matter of hours and easily dry over night when hung.

Sitka, First Lite, KUIU, doesn't matter...I wash mine on Delicate, in cold water, with baking soda and line dry. In camp, I let everything soak in the creek, and again, line dry. As others have posted, my hunting clothes will never see the inside of a dryer. Been doing this ever since the only choices in material was cotton, cotton, or cotton. ;-)

From: TheTone
I typically wash mine in cold water with no soap and then either hang dry or lay it out on the back deck in the sun. Mines held up great for years that way

From: sitO
Chick's wash mine

From: Teeton
Nikwax for me.. DWR and soap don't work well together.. I wash anything with DWR in Nikwax's Tech Wash.. On the forth wash I wash in Tech wash and then one of Nikwax's products for what ever is for that fabric to re straighten the DWR .. Really keeps the DWR working well for me. You can also use Nikwax to add DWR to fabric that doesn't have DWR. Ed

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