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Hunting the upper peninsula??
Whitetail Deer
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Hi everyone, I'm planning on doing a diy whitetail hunt this year on public land. Will be my first out of state hunt. Looking at the Delta area but still looking into other public land. I'm not looking at finding your hot spot or anything but wanting just to talk to someone that has hunted it before. Wanting to know what kind of terrain there is? Hunting pressure? How many deer will you usually see on a opening day of gun season.. I'm planning on getting there November 12th bow hunting for a few days and hunting there first few days of the rifle season. Any information would be great!! Thanks everyone

From: yooper89
I grew up hunting Menominee and Delta counties. Populations took a major hit over the last few years. Terrain will differ from hardwood to cedar swamps. Not sure about pressure on public land though. There are a few big bucks around but you'll have to work to find them.

From: mgmicky
We hunt a little further south in Manistee National Forest in Lake Co. As Yooper said, it's a mix of hardwoods and cedar swamps and very pretty country. It's a tough hunt though, as the deer population is a little weak. We are encouraged though because since MI has instated the minimum 3 points/side law, we are seeing more bucks every year. Hunting pressure isn't bad early in the season, but we see more hunters as it gets closer to the November 15 gun opener

Deer populations have definitely taken a hit in the Up the last few years. Actually, I quit hunting because the populations were getting so low. I was up there last summer where we used to hunt and spoke with the locals, and a lot of the talk was about to many wolves. In southern Delta county they do not get as much snow as the northern part of the county, so you can guess how that has also affected the deer the last few years.

Good luck.

Thanks guys I appreciate it. Thinking I'm going to be trying iron county or Menomoniee country instead. Everyone that I have talked to says it's beautiful country. I can't wait to see it and excited for the challenge of hunting some of those smart yooper bucks!

From: jjs
I use to hunt around the Paulding area and really enjoyed it, the deer has taken a real hit and the baiters got ridiculous along with the atvs but just have to get back away in the public and enjoy the beauty. Would suggest go bowhunting in the first several weeks and may catch them in normal movement before the bait piles change things. Take a shotgun along the grouse may be on the up swing also.

I have a place in southern delta county. we have seen a rebound in deer numbers in our area. Although we didn't see losses as bad as they did in the northern part of the u.p. as far as hunter numbers were seeing less hunters every year it probably depends alot on where your hunting. I think you have a good plan to stay in the more southern counties. Good luck!

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