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Most hunted area in Willow Slough?
Whitetail Deer
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hunterkiller 11-Sep-17
JTV 11-Sep-17
Deebz 11-Sep-17
Wondering who hunts Willow Slough and what area gets the most hunter activity.?

From: JTV
use to hunt it for Pheasants and Bunnies...never for deer.. hunted the TNC property for Coyotes... with WS being so close to the state line, I do know it gets some from Illinois willing to pay the non-res fee ... the Slough is known for some BIG deer, but catches a lot of pressure from the small game guys and duck hunters.. call them and see, ask what areas are the most popular, then go to another area ..

From: Deebz
JTV, what's it cost for non-res tags? I live somewhat close to Willow Slough...

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