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From: KsRancher
After 4 years of tag soup trying the Colorado DIY OTC elk hunting my dad and I are ready to get an elk. We have been archery hunting wilderness areas on Colorado and have seen some elk but never been able to close the deal. This year was really hard on my dad as far the physical part this year. He is in decent shape for his age. But the 8-10 miles a day at 10500-12500ft was to much for him. We were looking at the management bull hunt the UU Bar offers. Wondering if anyone has any experience with them and if so, how the hunt went? This hunt is at the VERY upper end as far as $ goes for us. So just wanted some input from some people that have done the hunt or knows about it.

From: Altizer
Some great elk hunting in years passed. I bear hunted there and killed a big bear but didn't elk hunt. Saw some great bulls. I believe Lee & Tiffany did a few shows there for the crush. They were in some monster bulls.

From: Bob H in NH
Lee & Tiffany hunt there, looks amazing on the bulls they pass up, never mind get.

From: Destroyer350

Destroyer350's Link
I have never been there but have seen them quite a bit on RMEF with Brandon Bates and his guests. They posted this video yesterday.

From: md5252
Prob have some great hunting and monster bulls but I wouldn't base my decision on anything Lee and Tiffany showed on their show. I doubt very highly you will get the same treatment or opportunities they do.

I personally would t spend that $$ for a management bull. Plenty of better priced hunts for what you're looking for imo

From: Scar Finga
MD5252 X 2

From: KsRancher
This is not set in stone, so any suggestion for a hunt of this kind would greatly be appreciated. The UU Bars management hunt is a three day guided only hunt. Its $4000 for tag, guide, meals, lodging, and pack out of animal. Pretty much everything is included. And its only 400 miles from my house. Success rate of 80%. If anyone knows of a hunt that would be comparable, I am open to any and all suggestions. And I would really prefer it not be guided but that's all the UU Bar offers. And want to go in 2018, so will need a OTC or landowner tag.

From: Thornton
I hunt with Jerad Cotten, owner of West Elk Outfitters in CO. He has a high success rate and is usually in the $3-3500 range. I've shot several bulls with him with a rifle but I know he does well with bows. I saw on Facebook he has been knocking them down again this year.

From: Bob H in NH
Since the price INCLUDES tag, that's not bad, non-resident elk tags can run hundreds if not a thousand dollars. Usually in addition to the fee for the hunt.

From: md5252
KsRancher, if I read UU Bar's description of the management hunt correctly it's rifle only and they decide what is a "management" bull.

Not sure how common a management bull is but I'll bet there are not a lot running around, especially on 1 ranch.

I suspect that hunt at UU is more about shooting an elk and less about hunting elk

From: KsRancher
That's what the websites says. But when I talked to Miguel with the UU Bar he said it's any legal weapon. But they prefer it be rifle since it's only a three day hunt. So I figured I would try with bow the first two days and then rifle the third day, if needed. But that was one was of my reasons for asking if anyone has some the management hunt. Didn't figure there to be very management type bulls around.

From: Aspen Ghost
Make sure you understand what they consider a management bull before you write a check.

Would a 3 day hunt be as satisfying as a 7(+) day hunt for you and your Dad? There are ways to hunt OTC DIY that don't have to entail 8-10 mile days at 10,500+ feet.

From: Unit 9er
UU has 1000's of heads of elk. There are plenty of management bulls on the UU, don't listen to those who don't know. I would say, most of their bulls are management type bulls, based on your previous description in the other post. This ranch is HUGE, they have taken 400 class bulls-and I know for a FACT there are plenty of management bulls. That is their bread and butter, I believe.

From: BSBD
4K is cheap for that hunt. I've never hunted the UU Bar but I've been on the ranch a few times. UU Bar is about 140,000 acres but a lot of it is wide open country. Probably be able to drive or ride to your shooting spot. If you just want to get an elk in 3 days it sounds like a good choice.

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