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Colorado Archery Mule Deer 8 Points
Mule Deer
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darkhollow1 12-Sep-17
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SoDakSooner 13-Sep-17
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thomas 13-Sep-17
wildwilderness 13-Sep-17
Surfbow 13-Sep-17
Treeline 14-Sep-17
Pop-r 15-Sep-17
Surfbow 15-Sep-17
wifishkiller 15-Sep-17
Rayzor 16-Sep-17
From: darkhollow1
I spent last week scouting for mule deer in Colorado hoping to find the area I would like to use my preference points next year. I spent time in Unit 65,66,67,76 and 55. I was able to find a few deer in each unit but overall don't feel confident in any of the areas I found during my scouting trip. At least not what I expected for a quality mule deer unit. I'm sure each of these units have great areas to hunt but I was overall disappointed with the numbers I was able to find. If you were a non resident archery deer Hunter is there any other units you would consider looking at? Thanks to anyone willing to share any information!

From: Shrewski
You have too many points.

Figure out the terrain and area you will be happy with and burn them up.

I somehow have 12; I'm going to use them on a 3rd or 4th season tag at some point soon then find a good 1-2 point unit to be happy with for the rest of my days.

Yep you have too many points, most archery deer units are 2-3 point draws. I'd look into 76 if I were you

From: Glunt@work
I have 11. I'll be burning them on something next year but mule deer aren't like elk where there are some obvious top choices. The best place I have hunted I draw as a second choice. Not using them is keeping me from getting a whitetail tag on a pretty nice piece of ground I have permission on. Access has a way of disappearing so I need to burn them. Might even burn them on the whitetail tag even though its only a 1-2 point tag.

From: SoDakSooner
I know this is sacrilege on this site, but some of the early season above timberline rifle hunts take that many While we are primarily bowhunters we are saving up points for a rifle tag.... I know, I know. Maybe at least you won't feel like you are wasting points if you do that. I haven't shot a deer with a rifle in 10+ years, but it is a good excuse to pick up a new mountain rifle.

From: longbow
I have hunted 2 diff 0 point units the last 2 years in CO, while i have not punched a tag I saw some good ones.

Best was prob 180 buck.

I just want to hunt, I think in CO some units have more deer densitys for sure but all of them are capable of producing a giant.

Most important is the unit terrain that u can get close to shot them

From: thomas
i guess you prolly know but the units u just described 66,65,67, and 55 had a terrible winter for deer. The tags were drastically reduced and the Gunnison basin herd took a huge hit on the deer numbers. heard it was comparable to the 07 and 08 winters there

Hard to say what the best archery tag is in CO. Its usually more about 4th season for a chance at a trophy. If you just want to hunt consider "burning" points and draw a unit that has a good population of deer that will give you multiple stalking opportunities. Just about every unit in CO will have a big buck or two.

From: Surfbow
My buddy just burned 9 on a high-altitude rifle tag. We scouted one weekend and saw a bunch of bucks, including some very nice ones. We were back for the opening weekend and found a couple of the same bucks we'd scouted and he shot it before noon the first day. It was a quick hunt, but it was fun nonetheless!

From: Treeline
You could do a 3rd or 4th rifle in a number of good units or an early rifle hunt.

It is interesting to note that the archery tags that take the most points are not the hunts with the best deer hunting. There are many archery tags that can be drawn on second choice that will be better options than the units that take the most points for archery...

Those units you were in were hit hard last winter. There are still some good bucks in there, but there were a lot that did not make it. If you were not up above treeline in most of that country, you were not seeing the top end bucks.

Look either to units in or around Eagle County or down in the SW corner around Durango/Cortez.

From: Pop-r
Scout 5 units in one week?! Come on man! Are you expecting a zoo?!

From: Surfbow
Like Treeline said...gotta look above treeline...

From: wifishkiller
Just got out of 76 for elk and wouldn't waist my points there. The 0/1 point units I hunt would be better from what I've scene

From: Rayzor
Been quite a few years but I saw some good ones in 66 and wished I had a deer tag. Hate to hear what a few people said.

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