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Ace - Sep-12 Mobile live hunt from Ct
Whitetail Deer
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Ace 12-Sep-17
EmbryOklahoma 12-Sep-17
notme 12-Sep-17
Brotsky 12-Sep-17
steve 12-Sep-17
t-roy 12-Sep-17
Will 13-Sep-17
shawnm 15-Sep-17
Gregg Karal 15-Sep-17
GF 15-Sep-17
From: Ace
3:55 PM LIVE from Ct*
Embry missed them so much that Pat brought them back. ;-)

Our season opens here on Friday 9/15. Expect approximately 158 CT Live Hunts on the Main page. Boot Pictures required.


EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
On my way to cut down your stands...

From: notme
U ho ace, looks like he means business..hope you have your camo treewalker loafers on...lol

From: Brotsky
The only thing missing is his hockey mask.

From: steve
Can't wait till Friday!

From: t-roy
Are you sure, Brotsky?!!

From: Will
It is sort of funny... I think 90% of us on the CT page have decided to do a "live mobile" on Friday. It would be particularly good if those unable to get out did one.

"Hi, I'm live mobile from my PC doing some work. Hope to hunt next Monday..."

:) ha ha ha

From: shawnm
Good luck today. Hope you get a shot at one bud!!!!

From: Gregg Karal
good luck

From: GF

GF's embedded Photo
GF's embedded Photo
Got my first shot of the season this morning... on the LW First Shot thread.

11 yards from an elevated position (as called by CD!) I shopped in the red dot to show where I was aiming; off by an inch, but I would take that one in a heartbeat....

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