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Miss Cleo works at the AZ Game and Fish
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Coyote 65 14-Sep-17
drycreek 14-Sep-17
Glunt@work 14-Sep-17
AZBUGLER 15-Sep-17
Bowriter 17-Sep-17
Traveler 17-Sep-17
From: Coyote 65
The fortune teller at the Dept. sent me an envelope today containing an official Tooth Envelope, and a chart similar to Pope and Youngs measurements. I am supposed to send them back along with the two bottom front teeth before Jan1.

Do they know something I don't?

They actually explain in the letter these are going out to tag holders in units in 1, 9, 10 and 23 as these are referred to as alternative management units. Objectives are higher hunt sucess and more older age class bulls.

They even gave me a name and email address to contact next year to find out the age of my bull. But they didn't name it Cecil, so I guess it is ok for me to shoot one.

Anyone heard of this before?


From: drycreek
Take it as a good omen and whack a bull !

From: Glunt@work
I received one for Colorado this year.

I got one for my deer hunt this year. It's a cool idea I think.

From: Bowriter
All states need to improve their system of data gathering. Some, need to implement at least something besides SWAG. I have never understood how you can manage wildlife with no clue about accurate data collection. Emphasis on accurate.

From: Traveler
I did one for my Utah buck last year. It was 8 years old :)

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