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Leviathan-white sturgeon film
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Finally finished this sturgeon film. I don't think you guys will be disappointed.


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From: Bou'bound
was not disappointed

From: Salagi
That was neat, quite the experience I bet.

Nice Bou!

Salagi, it was a great experience!

From: Bogie
Awesome Experience, WOW

From: LukeWright
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From: Tonybear61
Thanks for Sharing. When I was 50 my wife bought me a guided trip for catching a fish as old as I was or at least 50# (1 for each year).

I did both in Rainy River. Guide put us on a good spot but we lost the first and the largest fish due to equipment failure(after almost 2 hr fight). The reel gears stripped, no way to get him in. estimated to be over 65 " Second biggest fish came in at 55# tiny compared to the Fraser monsters but still fun and a lot closer to home than BC. Caught few in the 40" size and watched some one catch a 8# walleye on the gob of worms everyone was using.

Even for those little guys I suggest a belly belt.

Go get'em Slayers... Maybe I will get up there next time, when I am 60, same goal in mind..

From: Jaquomo
Missed this video the first time around. I was elk hunting then. Very cool!

My one and only sturgeon experience produced a 12 footer and a 10 footer the same morning, and my wife landed an 8. I let her fight the 10 for a bit too. The next day we both struggled to get out of bed. Amazing to see such a giant jump, with you on the other end.

Those are giants Lou! In BC they measure from the fork of the tail to the tip of nose. Is it the same way where you were? I know my guide was saying some operations in BC were advertising 10' plus, but were actually measuring from tip of tail. All measurements in BC are from the fork. Amazing fish, and one I would like to go for again.

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