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Someone found a bull
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St52v 16-Sep-17
GF 16-Sep-17
SBH 16-Sep-17
Ckapp22 17-Sep-17
PECO 17-Sep-17
From: St52v

Found - unrecovered bull in Crazy Mountains, MT

From: GF
Hmmmm.... Guy who found it must've found the arrow if he wants the hunter to ID the fletching job....

Wonder if that means that he found the broadhead as well?

Because it sure sounds like a penetration issue had something to do with it....

From: SBH
Love it. I almost lost a bull this year and have lost them in the past. Sure would be a cool ending if the shooters saw this. Hope it works out.

From: Ckapp22
Sounds like they found the hunter..great bull for sure. Unfortunate to not get the meat but some closure non the less. In the 2nd picture, you can see the arrow sticking straight up, hard to say if it was hit back or not based on the angle. Id say 3-6in of penetration. Without knowing the situation, what would cause such poor penetration? Long shot? Hitting a rib square?

From: PECO
Rage in the cage?

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