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Which headlamp?
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Sivart 16-Sep-17
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Amoebus 21-Sep-17
From: Sivart
My headlamp finally died this season. Want to get a quality one. I would prefer on that takes AA batteries, as all of my other electronics take that size.

What do you recommend?

From: EJG
I just picked up a black diamond 350 storm that seems really great but haven't really had it out in the field yet. But had everything I was looking for in features, waterproof, AA battery option, and really small and light weight.

From: Stringmaker
I mostly use a small LED flashlight, but carry a headlamp in case it is needed. I use Coast brand, both the flashlight and headlamp. They have been serving me well for many years . . . They have several models that might fit your needs. Many to look ant and choose from. I got mine at Lowes. You can check them out at their website - https://coastportland.com/headlamps/

Good luck, Michael

From: TXHunter
My 250 Black Diamond Storm works great.

From: shawnm
The black diamond is very nice. I use the Bushnell pro. It's about as good as your going to get without the battery pack. It's 300 lumens. You can get brighter obviously but you will have the extra weight of the pack. Also it's rechargeable.

From: lewis
I'm leaning toward the led lenser several of my friends swear by them Lewis

From: Genesis
Like my Fenix HL35

From: Ucsdryder
I use the black diamond. Lots of light options with red. It uses AAA. What's the advantage of 2 AA vs 3 AAA? Battery life I assume?

From: WapitiBob
Here you go...


Zebra light has worked well for me. The 18650 battery life/performance is better than the AA's.

From: Muddyboots
Home Depot has several with LED, and I have one- not sure of the model. They all use 2 AA batteries, and some have upwards of 150 lumens. Cost- around $15. Even with moderate use, the batteries will last for years.

From: T Mac
Can't go wrong with fenix

From: sitO
I would suggest one with a green light feature as well as the "white", doesn't seem to bother wildlife as much in my experience. I use the cheapo Princeton's, they work well for me however they are AAA.

From: TD
I liked the fenix I've had. But have gone to the Zebra with the 18650 lithium battery. Really like it. Those batteries kick butt on the standard AA or AAA, no comparison. Now pretty much all my electronics are chargeable and I carry a charging station with removable 18650 batteries in it. Can use them in my headlamp, my fenix flashlight, charge my phone, etc. Only thing it won't work on is my Rino GPS, which is chargeable as well, but have to plug it to a wall outlet or car socket. Nothing I have anymore uses regular batteries.

From: kellyharris
I have always carried Black Diamond but I have found there are much brighter less expensive out there

From: Genesis
Red is gonna be the best color as it is less sensitive to the rods of deer retinas .Green will stimulate not only deer retinas more than red but will reverse the natural dark adaptation (Purkinje Shift) of the human retina as well.

Red will be less visible ( not saying it really matters) to deer. THE reason I use it is it will not conflict dark adaptation.Green carries a greater propensity for hunters to have a temporary blind spot after a green/ white light is turned off ( 10 minutes or so) than red so I prefer that

From: jordanathome
I really like my black diamond head lamps.

From: Proline
Im with muddy boots. The led ones at the depot are fine. I use mine on the red color and they are only 15 bucks. Get almost a season out of three triple a's

From: Trial153
I have a small fenix thats the cats ass. I also have a black dimaond that works very well. Both been bullet proof.

I rotate between a 450 lumen coast that runs off of AA batteries and a Princeton Tec 250 lumen that runs off of AA batteries. both work well. I was using a Thrunite 250-1000 lumen but, that was too much. God Bless

From: sitO
Guess I've never seen one with the red option, thanks Steve...learn something every day!

From: lewis
Thanks for the info all good stuff Lewis

From: carcus
I have a Fenix and petzle, I use the petzle 99% of the time

From: Amoebus

Amoebus's Link
I echo the support for Zebralight although I have heard good things about the Fenix also.

I have both the 18650 ($89) and an AA ($50) light from Zebra and use them for different purposes. The rechargeable is great if you aren't on a backcountry hunt.

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