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MBG site question
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bighorn 18-Sep-17
Russell 18-Sep-17
Matt Palmquist 18-Sep-17
APauls 19-Sep-17
Bullhound 19-Sep-17
c3 19-Sep-17
bighorn 19-Sep-17
From: bighorn
My son and I have the 3 pin slider, love the site but this last week on a mule deer hunt my son ranged a buck went to adjust and it would not slide, turned the wheel it would turn but not slide site. Anyone else have this problem? Site is 5 yrs old.

From: Russell
Suggest calling the company. Their warranty and support is second to none.

I have several and one of mine is starting to slip a little. Call them up and they will get you fixed up. Doesn't alleviate the missed opportunity unfortunately

From: APauls
I know you'll laugh, but he did have the other lever flipped right? I know mine is a 5 pin slider and has a lever you flip that essentially allows you to turn the wheel. Kind of like how you need to flip a lever on a window before you can use the crank to open it.

From: Bullhound
APauls, that is exactly what I was thinking.

From: c3
Couple of things to note here on the Accent Sliders.

They have knurled wheel inside that dents into a plastic strip to allow infinite adjustment smoothly. If by chance you leave the lock lever locked and turn the wheel it can strip out that one point of the plastic strip. This is really hard to do and you'd have to be pretty heavy handed to have had that happen and not notice.

Secondly and most likely is that the set screws to adjust how tight the knurled wheel indents into the plastic and is pressing on the strip have come loose or fallen out. If I'm not mistaken they are a 4-40 thread and can be replaced pretty easily in a pinch. If they are still there, simply adjust them in a 1/8 turn at a time until the wheel engages and moves the sight up and down. If you get them a little tiny bit too snug and run the slider up and down a number of times it will reengage the knurling and make it run perfectly after a few cycles. Then blue loctite the screws so they don't come loose again.

When you get some time send it back to Black Gold and they will sort it out perfect. They probably have the best service of any company in the industry, but sometimes stuff does happen, unfortunately.

Cheers, Pete

From: bighorn
Yes he did have the lever flipped. We examined the site and did not see any missing screws. Will contact MBG. Thanks for the info.

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