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Been wearing a belt while hunting. All my life. But, I "think" I want to try a set of suspenders. Wandering what you guys carrying framed packs are wearing? And, what brand, if using suspenders. Thanks and God Bless

From: Pyrannah
i bought a pair of cabelas this yr.. so far liking em a lot better than the belt...

From: Ermine
I wear Sitka suspenders on some of my Sitka pants

I like them. Keep my drawers up better when carrying a heavy backpack

From: ACB
They are a must have for me now . Been wearing them for over 20 years . Started with my king of mt . Now with my first light . You can not beat them to keep your pants up versus a belt . I was thin when I first started using them and loved them now that I am not so thin they are even better for me .

Belts don't work for me. I got that white man disease WV, no hind end. Looks like holding a bullfrog by the hind legs :). Went to suspenders a few years back and wouldn't go back.

From: OTT2
First Lite and Sitka both work well.

From: osage
Just don't hook them to your shorts.

From: yooper89
I wear the first lite suspenders with my corrugated pants. I love them. So much more support holding the pants up than a belt when I have a heavy pack on.

From: Chief
I don't like them. they chaff my nipples.

From: Buffalo1
Chief you need to wear a heavy padded bra !!

From: Ken Taylor
I have almost always worn a belt and suspenders when in the bush.

A belt holds accessories like a leatherman, sheath knife, GPS, etc., but using both allows you to tuck your shirts in just right (not too tight) and the suspenders keep everything high enough to allow your legs more flexibility and also prevents your lower back from being exposed to fly bites or the cold, etc. while doing various chores.

I prefer the button on types and the ones that you slip your belt into. I use the "toothy" clip-ons if I have to but the clips stick into your back when you sit down, they damage your pants after a while, and the clips also occasionally come off unexpectedly.

I own a variety of brands.

From: PECO
I like them. I have a small beer gut, pants don't stay up well with a belt anymore.

From: lewis
Been hunting in bibs for probably 40 plus years plenty of room and pockets can't get anymore comfortable imo I will use suspenders on occasion Lewis

From: jjs
Been wearing them for a long time, I lost my ass some where and still looking for it, at least that is what my wife tells me.

From: t-roy
Jjs........try carrying more small bills. It MIGHT help ;-)

From: DartonJager

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I have been using made in U.S.A. Perry suspenders for 25+ years for countless deer, turkey, and elk trips as well as fishing trips and in all that time have only had one brake and I still use it for fishing. They are IMHO the best suspenders for a hunting application I know of. They will fit any size hunter and although the belt clips are plastic, they have held up for me VERY, VERY well for over two decades. I presently own 5 sets and as I said only one has suffered a partial brake in one of the two clips that attaches in the front to your belt and is still usable, although I use it only for when I go fishing. And it didn't actually fail, truth be known I broke it when I slammed it in the tail gait of my truck. Give Perry suspenders a try you will not be disappointed.

From: DartonJager
Oh and to answer one of your questions, I have worn my Perry suspenders countless times under my backpack with no issues what so ever, including while elk hunting with a quite heavy pack.

From: drycreek
I wear the same type suspenders as Darton does, but I buy them from Wallyworld. Suspenders and a wide belt is what it takes to hold up my pants with a handgun and two mags. Wear them every day ! I got no ass either, but my belly makes up for it :-)

From: DartonJager
You can get them at Wally World and Big R's.

Isn't there a line in an old spaghetti western that in essence goes:

"You can't never trust a man who don't trust his own pants!"

Btw, I wear both belt and suspenders myself.


Well, I guess I'll have to check into them. Thanks for the responses. God Bless

From: houndy65

houndy65's Link
button suspenders are the best in my book, better known as logger suspender. you will be happy.

From: BMG2
10-4 on the Perry's. Have worn them for years hunting and working outside. Buy 2 and save one just for hunting. Once u wear them a few days u will never go without them.

From: chasinbugles
Duluth Trading Co has the side clip suspenders that are pretty darn sweet.

From: cnelk
Its been my experience with anyone that wears suspenders has all the time in the world and is in no hurry

From: Will tell
They make them that attach to your belt.

From: Russ Koon
Will look for that brand next trip to town. I do like my suspenders, but it seems like they have always just kept stretching until they eventually had no stretch left. I have always just bought the cheapest available, so maybe it's just the cheap elastic.

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