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Elk hunting with high wind?
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Lark Bunting 20-Sep-17
IdyllwildArcher 20-Sep-17
jordanathome 20-Sep-17
Coyote 65 20-Sep-17
deerslayer 20-Sep-17
wyobullshooter 20-Sep-17
HDE 20-Sep-17
jordanathome 21-Sep-17
From: Lark Bunting
What are your thoughts or experiences with hunting elk with high wind?

I usually hunt them with bow and arrow, but I've had some wind that was pretty deadly after certain Mountain House meals.

From: jordanathome
As soon as it settles they will move. When it is blowing it disables their key senses of sight (everything is moving), sound (noisy), and scent (wind blows scent everywhere making it hard to pin point source). So I generally don't expect much movement during high wind events.....many an evening hunt has been blown away on me this year. Tonight may be no different from the forecast........

If it is a steady wind, and not switching around like a gust front will do, then elk can point into the wind and are more apt to move.

I am curious as to what others have observed.

From: Coyote 65
If you chase bugles as I do. You can't hear them and they can't hear cow calls. Makes elk hunting not so much fun. Makes it more of hiking in the woods with a bow.


From: deerslayer

deerslayer's embedded Photo
deerslayer's embedded Photo
Shot this bull last year in wind so strong I could barely hear myself bugle, let alone them. I got up high and crept along the top of the ridge glassing into the bottoms. Saw him about 300 yds out and ran down the hill to cut him off.

High wind is certainly not ideal, but if you know of an area they like to frequent/travel it can be deadly for spot and stalk to cover noise and movement. If you can find a ridge where the wind is blowing strong uphill it can really be good if you're up top and they're below.

With all the beetle-killed timber coming down in droves where I hunt, if it's a strong wind, I stay out of the woods.

From: HDE

HDE's embedded Photo
HDE's embedded Photo
Shot this guy with sustained wind of 20 mph and gusts up to 35. Bulls were bugling really well, and if you heard them, they were close. Just played the wind and kept it in my favor.

From: jordanathome
There ya go! Thx giys!

Tonites wind did not blow but no elk seen or heard. Back at it tomorrow through Sunday.

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