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rei trek pole caps?
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DonVathome 22-Sep-17
Kurt 22-Sep-17
kentuckbowhnter 22-Sep-17
Amoebus 22-Sep-17
From: DonVathome

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DonVathome's embedded Photo
I have rei peak ul compact trekking poles and the tips have worn down exposing the metal "point" this makes an attention getting click everytime it hits rock. I need rubber caps with metal washers inside to prevent this from happening again.

However I cannot find them - what are they called exactly? Also looking at my poles I do not see how the old rubber comes off or new one goes on? Ideas?

From: Kurt
To remove, heat a bit in boiling water then twist and yank with pliars or with the tip restrained in a vise. No idea on where to buy washer reinforced tips.

Rubber tips don't stay on my Black Diamonds in slide rock. Lost both on a recent sheep hunt within a day or two.

ebay, they are cheap by the dozen too.

From: Amoebus
Google "trekking pole tip protectors".

Lots of choices.

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