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bad bino fogging issue
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From: DonVathome
my bino's fog like crazy from my breath. Bad. If it is cold I pretty much cannot glass. I even take a few deep breathes, then hold it then slowly inhale (not exhale). Still they fog almost immediately even if I am not sweating. Ideas? On cold mornings I literally cannot glass they fog so fast. binos, spotting scope, different ones etc.

Is it me?

Not ideal, but you could try using a snorkel or something similar to divert the humidity. May be worth a try.

From: TXHunter
Sven Can See anti-fogger works for me. Cat Crap also works. Scope Dope is another product. I have also used anti-fog wipes.

I treat eyeglasses, binoculars, and scope every morning before each hunt and again in the afternoon if I have an opportunity.

Like foot care, booty hygiene, and other stuff it is just one of those "little big things" that can make or break a hunt.

From: Tilzbow
I have the same issue but caused by sweat, might have to try the anti fog

From: Kodiak
I'd get new binocs. I've had the same issue and nothing worked except getting rid of them.

From: Dennis Razza
parker's perfect anti fog wipes works good.

From: HDE
Used Cat Crap (by EK Ekcessories) for years.

From: DonVathome
Thanks guys I will try it! It is insane how bad it was - and it seems like higher end optics does it less do you agree?

From: Bill Obeid
Maybe the high end coatings help.. ..

From: manitou1
You can rub a bar of hand soap with your finger tip and then rub it on the lenses. Then wipe off with soft cloth. Leaves a light film and is the same as some of the old "lens anti-fog" products. Works well. Dunno id I would put it on a pakr of $2K Swaros, but I used to do it on my scopes and binos years ago with no ill effect. I don't seem to have the problem any more... maybe due to modern lens coatings.

From: bigdog21
clean with shaving cream. as a welder I do this to my welding lens in the winter to keep it from fogging . ply with finger let it sit for a couple seconds then buff clean . try it on a pair of glasses just do one lens then use your breath to fog the lens not done then try the lens that you cleaned you will see how good it works. and no extra coast of buying anti fog wipes.

From: Nick Muche
I've only had fogging issues related directly to sweat. Once they are wiped off the problem goes away.


Up here where we invented glassing in cold weather, I have had good luck with Cat Crap as well.


From: Franklin
YES it`s you....and me. I have to control my breath direction or mine will fog also. A hot sweaty eye against a cold bino glass will fog....a warm bino glass brought out into the cold will fog. You could have $3000 binos and are just as useless as a $50 pair if they are fogged.

From: LKH
I do a lot of glassing from vehicles and put the binos and scopes on the dash to get them warm. Once we find something, my old Leica 8x rangefinder fits in my T-shirt pocket which keeps it warm and it doesn't fog.

Try starting the day with warm binos and then keeping them within your jacket. The antifog products do work however they do leave some residue which can collect dust and slightly affect your view.

From: PECO
SCUBA divers use toothpaste on their goggles for anti fog. Probably works like the shaving cream on welders helmet. There are also products for ski goggles that should work well.

From: Tilzbow
Thanks for bringing up scuba! Many older scuba divers simply spit on their mask lens when it's dry, smear it around then rinse in the lake or ocean. It's the best anit-fog I've found for diving and it's always available! I might just have to try it on my binoculars and see if it keeps my lenses from fogging on cool days when I'm working up a sweat.

From: TD
Binos rarely a problem.... glasses OTOH...... still have found no good solutions, even trying a few anti-fogging products...... none so far very effective.... other than a roll of the dice chance by dropping $400+ on a sports design..... then the fogging problem doesn't SEEM as bad.....

From: Genesis
For fogging glasses,Opti-fog lenses work really well.The original design required a solution treatment but the newer design just wipe clean with a cloth.

From: keith
Tilzbow: Reminded me of the line from Jaws. "I got no spit."

From: Spiral Horn
Both Leica and Zeiss come with special final lens coatings to prevent water, dirt, and grease from adhering to the lens surfaces (Zeiss uses LotuTec). It prevents this type of fogging as well. Know they are very expensive but the Leica Noctovid and Zeiss SF T* are the best binos made -- worth every penny, will last a hunter's entire lifetime, and the big difference is how much they add to the hunting experience. Nobody regrets buying them.

On the other hand if folks just don't have the means to save up for those, the best inexpensive binos I've seen in many years are the "New" Vortex DiamondBack - redesigned in 2016. Optics are a passion of mine and I grudgingly scoffed when a buddy first asked me to check them out. They were simply optically incredible for a sub-$300 glass. Now, while they cannot begin to compare to the high-end Leica or Zeiss (but superior to Nikon Monarch IMO). I'm buying a pair to always keep in my truck - be sure to get the new model.

From: DonVathome
Thanks guys I got cat crap. Going to test out with my freezer!

From: Buffalo1
I've been hammered- I hope they aren't Bushnells!!

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