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Headlight Bulb Color-Red, Green or Blue
Whitetail Deer
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Windwalker 22-Sep-17
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shade mt 04-Oct-17
Ben Farmer 05-Oct-17
happygolucky 05-Oct-17
From: Windwalker
When walking to your treestand in the dark which headlight color do you use and why; red, green or blue?

white! because a animal doesn't know your headlight from a car headlight, moon, or a yard light. just my opinion

From: BigOk
Red. When walking up on deer in the dark, they don't spook as bad with red light.

From: Rock
White if I use one at all. Usually walk in with out one unless I need to go thru heavy brush where I can not see well.

From: Glunt@work
Night vision goggles. I can't chance a headlight spooking something.

From: Oneeye
Red. I have been in stand and see people with white 1/4 mile away. but really want night vision. Hard to justify price for a deer

From: Shawn
Never use a light walking to my stands, not because I m worried it will spook deer but never need one. Shawn

Green. Never had an issue, In fact if I'm in stand and it's still dark before shooting light, I will shine the light in them to see what they are buck/doe etc. I've had some pretty nice bucks come by and never pay any attention to the light.

From: Proline
Always red.

From: bowhawk75
I had used red in the past, but bought a new small flashlight with green light a few years ago, like it alot, does not spook deer.


From: Joey Ward
I prefer the green. It’s a softer color, to me. Provides plenty of light walking in and climbing. And doesn’t seem to affect my night vision as much once I turn it off.

If I need a light I use a white light. Haven't had any problems with deer spooking.

From: BigOk
Might be time for a new headlamp in green.

From: Genesis
Red light will not affect the dark adaptation of the hunter so when the light is cut off a more natural transition from dark to dawn takes place.Does it really matter much? Not really,as the human eye will be back to normal adaptation in 10 minutes.With a red light probably closer to two.

From: drycreek
I don't normally need a light unless it's very cloudy. I have good night vision, it's the daytime that I'm blind :-) If I use a light, it's red.

From: HDE

HDE's Link
Normally I use a white light and can't say if it makes a difference or not.

From: Meat Grinder
Red, because I don't lose my night vision. Haven't tried green, and it's said deer can see blue. Good Hunting and Be Safe.

From: Fuzzy
I'm red green colorblind, so I neither know, or care :)

From: elk yinzer
White walking in and red climbing the tree. I like to be completely set up right about nautical twilight which is about 30 minutes before shooting time.

From: Rut Nut
LMBO Glunt! : )

From: JTV
White... never worry about it going in...... the red aint bright enough to see the bright eyes, I use the red only once I start setting the sticks and stand ....

From: jerrynocam
White, not because I need it to see,because I don't want to get shot by some bozo.

From: Will
Ditto Jerrynocam...

From: Drop Tine
Green for me.

From: Windwalker
Thanks for all the input. Think I will go with green.

From: XbowfromNY
White (on public or private land). I want every other hunter to know I am a human and not shoot me.

From: Sgt. York
White or red. What ever mode your in tonight....enough paraphrasing Billy Joel. I had a deer feeding under my stand way before shooting hours, flipped on the white headlamp to check it out, the deer didn't flinch. Watched for 5 mins, deer stayed around until dawn, had a shot but passed small forkie. So IMHO, walk in slow and quiet and cover your scent. They are use to the lights.

From: Windwalker
Sgt. York thanks for sharing your interesting experience. On one of my bear hunts I was sitting in my stand after dark waiting for the outfitter to pick me up. It was rather spooky when I heard bones below being crushed and growls coming from the bait site. I flashed my rather bright head light towards the sounds and whatever was there departed quickly. Perhaps in remote areas animals are spooked by white light while in populated areas they are use to light and could care less. Who knows for sure?

From: shade mt
I used to worry about it, but I have walked up on quite a few deer with these new LED headlights, I think it blinds them and they cannot tell your human? who knows.

From: Ben Farmer
I use red. Never tried green but might try it after reading this.

Sometimes my "bug eyes " don't glow very good with red. How is the green on them??

From: happygolucky
Green during bow season and white during gun season. The latter for self preservation.

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