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hilleberg major zipper failure
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DonVathome 22-Sep-17
Amoebus 22-Sep-17
midwest 22-Sep-17
kellyharris 23-Sep-17
DonVathome 23-Sep-17
TD 23-Sep-17
Ermine 23-Sep-17
Franklin 23-Sep-17
From: DonVathome
My hillerberg akto main rainfly zipper over the vestibule suffered complete failure on my recent hunt. Both zippers (it has 2) started out with not working right - I zipped it up and returned to find it unzipped - and test showed it simply did not zip right and after zipping completely separated. Shortly after both zippers came completely off pretty easily (lots of snow and ice). I have attempted to fix it with no luck. Ideas?

From: Amoebus
No ideas besides contacting HB, but how were the bugs?

From: midwest
Clean your zippers after every hunt and apply zipper lube.

From: kellyharris
Agree with Midwest.

Sounds like a dirty zipper for sure for both to fail.

From: DonVathome
Never cleaned a zipper! Ooops!

From: TD
I ain't touchin' that one...... even teed up like that......

From: Ermine
You would think for the price of them they would not have issues like that?

From: Franklin
I agree Ermine....I don`t think it`s a dirty zipper. There may be parts of a zipper that get dirty but most don`t see any dirt. Hillerberg is a premium heavy duty tent....this should not be happening.

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