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Hunt of a Lifetime
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DL 24-Sep-17
Franzen 24-Sep-17
drycreek 24-Sep-17
t-roy 24-Sep-17
Boris 24-Sep-17
T Mac 25-Sep-17
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DL 25-Sep-17
Heat 25-Sep-17
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Medicinemann 25-Sep-17
WV Mountaineer 25-Sep-17
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
Hunt of a lifetime is a non profit that enables young kids under 21 that are terminal ill to go on a wonderful hunt. The owner of the ranch I hunt donated this elk hunt so this young man could enjoy this with his dad. Quite an emotional hunt. The owners grandson is a videographer and filmed the hunt. I'm sure he will remember this until the end. Well done.

From: Franzen
Excellent cause, and nice bull. Congrats to the young man.

From: drycreek
A memory that will never fade, and that no one can take away. Excellent !

From: t-roy
Awesome! Congrats to the young man, and many thanks to the giving souls that make these types of experiences happen.

From: Boris
The "Hunt of a life time" was started because make a wish pulled the funding for a dying young man. Stated that the signed a money deal with PITA to not allow hunting or fishing trips. Hunt of a life time was formed in Erie,Pa. They do great work for young people that would like to go hunting or fishing. THANK you, to the rancher for donating the HUNT OF A LIFE TIME to this young man.

From: T Mac
That is outstanding. Kudos to all involved to make this young mans dreams come true!

From: Scoot
This is wonderful! Congrats to the hunter for getting the chance to do this and bless the hearts of those who made it happen- particularly the rancher who allowed them to go there.

From: DL
They had hunted all morning with no luck and were headed back to the house they were staying in when out in the meadow near the house was this guy waiting for them.

From: Heat
Way to Go to all involved! Big congratulations to the successful hunter!

From: Treeline
Awesome, just awesome. Great job for all the people that made this dream come true for this young man and his father. Thank you for the work you do!

From: Medicinemann
Regardless of weapon, I hope that they can share the video on here.....

Yes, I'd love to see that video. Man, that tears me up. Makes me realize just how fortunate every single one of us are that we were granted breath for one more day to hunt, fish, enjoy family, etc... May God be with that family and, continue to bless everyone of you that makes these kind of things possible. God Bless fellas

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