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From: jordanathome
It has been an amazing season. It just didn't pan out the way I had hoped. Thanks to all who were following my stories and pulling for me to end my tag soup streak. (slurp) But tag soup it is again.

I can't complain. I had a hell of a nice bull broadside twice on Sunday of opening weekend....and failed to make the shots. Excuses are excuses.....I didn't execute regardless of the circumstances. I had other close encounters.....alot of them.....more than all the prior years combined I suspect. I had regular contact with some great bulls. It was exciting. I really pushed myself, solo, and have no regrets.

16 nights packed over 2 miles back by myself. I did a lot of hunting. I learned a lot. I gave it all the tricks up my sleeve. I called, I raked, I glassed, I ambushed, I crept into bedding areas and found beds just no elk in them. I have no idea how many miles logged, but the very basic adds up to 80 just getting back into my camp and back out to the vehicle.....not counting miles logged while hunting and scouting. Double it? Probably.

In the end, the elk were gone. It was like someone flipped a switch. No fresh sign, no elk sounds, no elk. Hell even the mulies were gone. I trekked further and further looking to recontact the elk. I ended up pushing a little too hard and tweaked my back....I've lived with degenerative disc disease for over 10 years now and when I break off a new piece of vertebra.....well it hurts. Like can't tie your shoes or get off the ground hurts.

So I called the ball and limped out to heal and dream of next year........ Congrats to all you killers! Thanks Will for all the help even if I was too weak to hunt the X's you still helped me find new places that were lots of fun to hunt.

I'll be back on OTC next year so if anyone wants to share camp with a broken down old tag soup expert......drop me a line....I'm thinking Unit 28 up around Jumbo Mtn to the Divide.......but I am open to suggestions. I'm kinda tired of the solo thing frankly.

Great attitude and lots of memories!

From: Bake
Damn Jordan, I was pulling for you.

I'd share camp, but I think I'm about done with OTC stuff. Getting enough points to hunt some other species, and wanna do some more overseas hunts.

Good luck in the future!!

From: BigOk
Way to stick it out. Can't wait to read this next year. Hopefully without the soup. Good luck.

From: deaver25btb
Jordan, drop me a PM if you are really interested in having company next year.

From: Glunt@work
You gave it a good go! My season was weird. I'm hoping it's not the front range feast or famine that drove me to the west slope years ago. Last 2 years were good. We did have a tragic comedy screw up on a nice bull the last day. After a couple hours of finding, spooking, refinding and ending with 3 cows under 10 yards inbetween us, we never got drawn. Had a good laugh at ourselves.

From: Treeline
I was definitely hoping that this would be your year! You had an amazing hunt start to finish and need to look at what you learned. Amazing when you step back and look at it. Stay positive, tomorrow is another awesome day!!!

From: Lark Bunting
We should grab a beer and compare OTC notes one day.

From: SBH
Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Hope next year yields different results. Elk are a 365 day a year deal in order to get better. Learn from your mistakes and work hard all year to take advantage next year. Will be so sweet when you wrap your hands around those horns. Keep at it man!

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