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hoyt carbon defiant
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bighorn 24-Sep-17
XMan 24-Sep-17
Ermine 24-Sep-17
Matt 24-Sep-17
Will 25-Sep-17
loopmtz 25-Sep-17
Bowfreak 25-Sep-17
bighorn 25-Sep-17
Tilzbow 25-Sep-17
OFFHNTN 26-Sep-17
Dino 28-Sep-17
kota-man 28-Sep-17
HDE 28-Sep-17
wildwilderness 28-Sep-17
From: bighorn
How is the new Hoyt carbon Defiant compared to the 2012 carbon element much difference?

From: XMan
I chose the aluminum riser, thought the carbon model this year had a slight vibration. Still loved how it shot, just preferred the other model more.

From: Ermine
Great bow. The DFX cam is really smooth for the draw. The carbon bows to me have less vibe than the aluminum. The carbon just have a certain feel to them.

From: Matt
The cam is for sure smoother. Vibration was likely due to synch/timing and not the difference in riser design/material.

From: Will
Defiant shoots fantastic

From: loopmtz
Great bow. DFX cams are super smooth. Much smoother than my Spyder. To be honest I love the carbon because it looks super cool, but no doubt it's a shooter..

I got the turbo this year in the buckskin and love it!!! Smooth and fast and absolutely does the job!

From: Bowfreak
I like the feel of the carbon bow too. Both how it feels in my hand and the feel if the shot My Carbon Defiant 34 too a little time to get used to but it is my favorite bow to date and one I plan to keep and hunt with for a while.

From: bighorn
Love the carbon element but must have over 100,000 shots thru it wondering whats left in the limbs?

From: Tilzbow
At 100,000 shots you were due for a new bow 50,000 shots ago!

I did not like the carbon element as much mainly because it was 32" ata, I don't like a bow less than 34". I have changed every year from carbon to aluminum. The carbon defiant is an awesome shooting and holding bow! I would say yes, better than that element.

From: Dino
I have had both bows. I currently shoot the CD34...by far hands down, the best bow I've owned and shot. It's an engineering marvel. The DFX cam is very smooth. Get it! You will love this bow.

From: kota-man
This year I purchased the Carbon Defiant, regular Defiant, Mathews Halon 32 and Bowtech Reign 7. After shooting them all quite a bit, I sold the Defiant, Halon and Reign and bought a second Carbon Defiant. Like Dino, it is the best bow I've owned and shot. (I was not a fan of the Element)

From: HDE
My preference is a carbon bow as well.

My carbon defiant 34 is a good shooter. Very smooth and just seems to hit where I want it. Thought about getting the Turbo but the draw cycle is just a little to hard in cold weather. I do think its on the slower side though, especially compared to my Spyder Turbo, but I have that for a back up bow now.

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