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Bowriter 26-Sep-17
manitou1 26-Sep-17
deerhunter72 26-Sep-17
T Mac 26-Sep-17
tobywon 26-Sep-17
From: Bowriter

Bowriter's embedded Photo
Bowriter's embedded Photo
This is trailcam picture from one of the farms I hunt. This is the same farm where I lost my lower plate last year. It fell out of my pocket and we never found it. Two days ao, got this picture on one of the cameras. Anyone know what kind of felineous being this is?

From: manitou1
An ugly one... that's what it is! Or it could be a mountain lion, don't ya think? :-)

From: deerhunter72
Looks a tad bit cross eyed.

From: T Mac
That's one of those lower plate stealing cats. Run, run away fast!

From: tobywon
Not sure what the common name is, but scientifically there is not doubt that would be a Strangeus pussieus :)

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