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Halo Range Finder Assistance Needed
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razorhead 26-Sep-17
bentshaft 26-Sep-17
ohiohunter 26-Sep-17
No Mercy 26-Sep-17
Bowriter 26-Sep-17
ground hunter 26-Sep-17
Leadman 05-Oct-17
razorhead 05-Oct-17
Bowriter 07-Oct-17
APauls 07-Oct-17
From: razorhead
A year ago I bought a Halo XRT6 rangefinder, worked fine, but now does not work properly,,,,,, It has been well taken care of, and I have tried 3 different brands new batteries,,,,,, What occurs is, an icon shows up in the lower left corner, which is a "lightning bolt",,,,,,, I have no idea what that means,,,,,,,

It was made by Wild Game Innovations out of Texas, so I called them,,,, they said they did not know, that the warranty has expired, but they would send me a PDF.... The PDF was of the same instruction book I have with it, but no explanation on that icon?

Does anyone know what the icon means? It turns on, I go to yardage, and when I push the button for distance, I just get the icon.......... Could it have shortened out or something like that?

anyone who has ideas, it would be appreciated..................

Note : I just need a simple rangefinder for bow hunting. I am looking at a Nikon, because they are under 200 and their warranty is simply, they will replace it at any time, if it does not work,,,,,,,,,, I am done with 1 year warranties

From: bentshaft
You might check Vortex, I'm not sure of the cost but I hear good things about them. They also have great customer service. You should do some research before investing in the Nikon range finders.

From: ohiohunter
I've not handled a vortex but have heard good things. Another to look at is Sig Kilos, they have a few shorter range models that will fit your bill w/ no fault lifetime warranty too.

From: No Mercy
Vortex just came out with a more inexpensive 850 model-that includes the lifetime warranty

From: Bowriter
Since Vortex has nothing to do with your question, I'll try to be more helpful. I have no idea what the lightning bolt means. I cannot get one to come on i my Halo. My initial thought would be a poor battery connection but that is just a guess. Could you have dropped it or gotten it wet? Since you have tried new batteries, you can eliminate that. Therefore, I feel it is in the connection. Try cleaning the terminals with perhaps alcohol and a soft cloth. Another idea, completely off the wall is, it is saying low light conditions. I have a camera that shows that symbol when a flash is needed. Bottom line...I have no idea but at least I didn't tell you to buy a Vortex. I have a Halo and it works perfectly but cannot make a lightning bolt appear.


From: Leadman
I believe thats a symbol for lazer it uses to get range with. I bought a halo and it messed up on me after a rainy hunt. I put it aside and bought a bushnell. Tried it agian with new battery and it worked fine. I believe they have moisture issues. Also make sure lazer lens is very clean.

From: razorhead
thanks,,,,, no it never got wet, but will check the lens

"It was made by Wild Game Innovations out of Texas, so I called them,,,, they said they did not know"...a reply like that from a manufacturer should be enough to justify other posters offering advice on other brands. I don't see where anyone told him to buy a Vortex, they were simply offering valid suggestions for other range finders since another brand was being considered.

BTW, I have a Vortex and a Bushnell (old one without angle comp) and both work very well.

From: Bowriter
LOL- Another helpful post. :)

From: APauls
well at the end of his post he said he was looking for another rangefinder...

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