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From: Newhunter1
Millenium M100U issues.

I bought this stand at the end of the 2015 hunting season and was not able to put it up last year due to having surgery on my shoulder in the 2016 hunting season. My Twisted-Timber treestand literally stayed in the tree for two years. Last night, I took the M100 up and put it in the tree. I switched out the stands due to the straps and cables looking sketchy...I mean it was two years in a tree. However, I could not level the millenium like I could the twisted Timber stand. Plus when I did get in the stand...the platform is angled about 20 degrees and it just feels weird. I sat in it, but I did not want to try and stand due to being pushed so far from the tree. It literally freaked me out...and I don't get freaked out.

And yes...I had a life line, line-mans belt and was attached to my tether.

How in the heck do I level this stand? I also have the M60U that seems to have a better leveling system.

In regards to the Twistedtimber...I have the cables for the stand that I'm going to replace tonight as well as new ratchet straps. I wanted to use the TT stand as a backup to the Twistedtimber dominator stand that I have. If I cannot level this stand or do not feel comfortable in it then I'm going to sell it.

Anyone have the M100U and if so how do you level it?

From: Knife2sharp
I was looking at these, look comfortable, but I was worried that some trees may be difficult to set it in the receiver due to the long brace attached to the platform. Seems like you'd need to have a very straight section of tree, with no knots or protruding sections.

From: stringgunner
The M100U doesn't adjust to level it out. Millinium has other stands that do but not this stand. Has k2s said above you need a straight section of tree.

They are a very very comfortable stand to sit in. I have 3 of them.

From: Shawn
Too much stand for my liking. I suppose if ya put one up and left it in the tree forever they may be ok. Just way too many better stands out there. Shawn

From: Newhunter1
I totally agree with you Shawn...This stand was 229.00 retail price and I bought it at the end of the season for a good price...but I cannot use it. Most of my trees are just off a creek and as crooked as a Clinton. I have the Millinium M50 or 60 that can adjust. I also have two Twisted Timber treestands are are ridiculously adjustable. While I like the concept of sitting in a chair 20 feet up a tree...I just don't like 1) being so far from the tree...it feels like I'm floating in the air and it is very unsettling. 2) not having the adjustability to put the stand in ANY tree like I can with the TT stands.

I think I may have to sell this stand if I cannot get it level. I think I'll be able to deal with the floating sensation but not the unlevel part.

From: Northwoods
I am a bit confused by the original post. Are you talking specifically about the M100U that has the cam lock receiver (the aluminum stand)?

I have a couple of the M100U's and have never had any issues in cottonwoods, oaks, aspen, birch, etc. I could see how a gnarly twisted tree could be an issue, but it seems like that would be an issue for any stand I've owned (admittedly, I haven't had any of the "super adjustable" stands). I know when I first started attaching the M100U with the receiver, I wasn't attaching the receiver to the tree correctly and when the stand would be put in, it would seem sloppy against the tree. With chain on receiver, you need to first hook it up with the receiver "backwards/facing away" and then use the "cam lock" action of the receiver by "flipping/rolling" it towards the tree which will give you a tighter lock on the tree, and consequently, take the sloppy feeling out of the equation.

Maybe this will help you get better use out of the stand. If not, I'd potentially be interested in a good deal on another one of these stands and receivers (the problem is shipping cost).

From: razorhead
I just bought their M7 micro lite, and just love that stand,,,,,, put on different back straps but, man its a nice stand, and comfortable..... easy to level,,,, it has a strap and ratchet system, on the receiver,,,,,,,, I hate the chain, but of course I am needing this to be mobile

From: Arrowone
I have the m100 and m150. The 100 does not have a leveling system. The 150 does. The problem with 150 is it's too big.

From: Newhunter1
I took the stand off the tree and replaced it with the M50. I tried to get it on other trees but it won't work...I needed this stand to work in one tree that really wasn't that crooked, but I just don't like that it is not adjustable. So with that said...It is for sale.

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