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Fertilizer correct amount to apply?
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algee 28-Sep-17
Korey Wolfe 28-Sep-17
sagittarius 28-Sep-17
Michael Schwister 28-Sep-17
Michael Schwister 28-Sep-17
mgmicky 30-Sep-17
From: algee
So my soil test results say I need to apply 100lbs of Nitrogen per acre. If I understand correctly and apply a 26-0-4 fertilizer in 50lbs bags I would need 4 bags to do a 1/2 acre size area to get the correct amount? Can anyone verify that my math and understanding of the ratio on the bag is correct. Thanks

From: Korey Wolfe
My math says 2 bags since you are doing a half acre

From: sagittarius
4 -50lb bags is correct. Or, about 2 -50lb bags of 46-0-0

The first number (26) is lbs/100 pound bag. 2 bags is 26lbs N. 8 bags is 104 lbs N. 4 bags is 52lbs on 1/1 acres is the answer. 2 bags 46-0-0 urea is much cheaper and will suffice. Putting too much N on soil that cannot hold it (determined by multiplying CEC times 10. CEC 10 soil will hold 100lbs). With N use a little less rather than more, as it will runoff into the water table very quickly.

meant to write 1/2 acre......

From: mgmicky
I agree with Michael about too much nitrogen. Keep in mind that most soil tests recommend the amount of fertilizer per year, not necessarily in one application. 100lb N /A is a lot of nitrogen (= 2.3lb N/1000sq ft) at one time for any crop. It's usually better to apply that rate over 2 applications so none is wasted. Normally 4-6 weeks between the applications should be good. So, if you use your 26-0-4, applying 1.5 bags per 1/2 A now, then coming back in a month with the same rate, will give you the 100lb/N recommended on your soil test and your plants will be happier getting that in 2 apps vs all at one time...

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