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webfoot 30-Sep-17
jims 30-Sep-17
Timbrhuntr 30-Sep-17
wytex 02-Oct-17
drycreek 02-Oct-17
From: webfoot
heading to WY next week what are the chances of adding a varmint or predator hunt along the way? traveling from ontario canada TY

From: jims
There are gobs of coyotes/prairie dogs on public land in Wyo....have at them! I'm sure if you pounded on a couple doors landowners would also be thrilled.

From: Timbrhuntr
Good luck bud I am also from Ontario. When I was out there I wasn't in Wyoming but across the border in Montana. Alot of the ranchers I talked with were complaining about the number of sheep they were losing to coyotes !These were ranchers I met in the local bar and even one in the IGA LOL. I was archery hunting and didn't have a rifle but if I had one I think I could have hunted them all I wanted too plus in Montana you can shoot them year round and don't require a license.

From: wytex
You can hunt theses without a license.      “Predatory animal” means coyote, jackrabbit, porcupine, raccoon, red fox, skunk or stray cat.    “Predatory animal” also means gray wolf located outside the Wolf Trophy Game Management Area and Seasonal Wolf Trophy Game Management Area as described in W.S.  § 23?1?101(a)(xii)(B) (l) and (

From: drycreek
We had a place to antelope hunt near Gillette for several years that had two dog towns on it. As soon as the first guy killed a goat, he would unlimber the rifle and have a big time shooting p dogs. It almost became a race to see who could kill first !

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