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From: joebuck
I'll be 64 in a couple of days and it's time to complete some of my hunting bucket items. For starters, I'm taking my son on a Plains Game bowhunt to South Africa (Limcroma) in August of 2018, In 2019 I'd like to go on a guided Elk bowhunt and in 2020 another Moose bowhunt.

I consider myself a pretty good whitetail hunter, but after two DIY elk hunts to Colorado I consider myself a novice. My two biggest mistakes in my DIY hunts was 1) going with other novice elk hunters and 2) hunting elk too much like I hunt whitetails in that I sat in a spot that look good. I've been reading a lot on the internet in an attempt to increase my elk knowledge, but really need to hunt with someone who really knows what they are doing.

Bottom line, I need your help in recommending me an outfitter that can increase my chances in harvesting an elk and even more increase my knowledge level and experience of elk hunting. I may be 64. but physical fitness is not yet a concern. I have 2 preference points in Colorado, but I'm open to bowhunting elk anywhere. My budget for the outfitter is approx. $5,000 and I'm not looking at a trophy elk. I've looked at lots of Elk Outfitter web sites and quite frankly I'm overwhelmed and need your help. Thanks!!!

From: md5252
Read the recent thread on "advice on guided archery elk hunt". A lot of good points in there

Anyway, if I were you I'd try and find an outfitter who strictly does private property and has a long history of customer service and success.

Public land Outfitters are always a gamble in my opinion.

I'd spend a little more if you had too

From: Sage Buffalo
Spend a little more and go with Montana Hunt & Fish Co. or another guide like that where you are looking at 100% opportunity/harvest if you can shoot straight.

At that price point you can shoot some nice elk.

From: antlerman
My suggestion wouyld be to contact "Mule Power" Joe with Heading West Hunting consultants. Joe sells hunt plans for WY and MT. I have bought plans from Joe in both states and hunt every year in one of the two states. Once you purchace the plan you have somewhere to hunt for years for 1 cost.

I've hunted the last 4 years for what it would have cost for 1 outfitted hunt. I am 100% satisfied with Joe and have actually became very good friends with him. His plans are so detailed you can't possibly use all the info in one year of hunting them. Contact him he'd be glad to chat with ya. He leaves for WY on the 14th though.


From: bearguide
Bullseye outfitting in trout creek, Montana. They give a real good hunt. Guys names is Ben mummert.

From: Bowriter
PM sent

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