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From: gunslinger

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This is a story that touches home for a lot of us every day people,

Doug has hunted with us here at Garrett bros probably 5 times and killed some great animals with us.

So this last year when Doug brought his son Dustin up and they harvested a moose with me he pulled me aside and with a tear in his eye he told me he wouldn't live through 2018 because of a disease he has,

Doug has been though everything that could've been thrown at him, lost a eye with a stick on a horse, flesh eating disease half a leg, huge operation in guts on and on and on. He told me before he passed his dream hunt was for a mountain caribou, so I got to work immediately and found the right fit for Doug and yesterday he harvested his dream. Bull.

Congrats buddy and we will see ya in Mexico this January for mule deer.

From: caribou77
Congrats on a great bull.

From: Hawkeye
That's an awesome bull and an even better story! Keep chasing dreams and God bless him in the coming months.

From: Trial153
Congrats Doug !

From: Treeline
Awesome Gunslinger. Way to help make a dream come through!

Congratulations to Doug on an awesome, beautiful caribou!

From: Mark Watkins
Congrats...and prayers sent!


From: Bigpizzaman
Great job Pat!

From: kota-man
Good deal Pat. Congrats to the Hunter and prayers sent.


From: No Mercy

From: geoffp
Congrats on a great bull, and wishes of strength for Doug and his family.

From: t-roy
Wow! Kinda puts things in perspective. Congrats to Doug on a great bull. Kudos to you as well Pat. Prayers sent as well.

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