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Bowfinger Madusa Max, how popular?
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DartonJager 01-Oct-17
drycreek 01-Oct-17
DartonJager 02-Oct-17
ohiohunter 03-Oct-17
Denali 03-Oct-17
From: DartonJager
Was just wondering how many members here have a Bowfinger Madusa Max drop away rest on their bows? I gave one a try because I felt it was advertised as more durable and slightly easier to adjust design than my other DA rest. So far after at least 1000 shots on it I am completely satisfied with it and yes it is easier to adjust while tuning than my HDX. I am in the process of acquiring a second DS 3714 as a back up bow and plan on installing a Madusa Max on it as well. I'm somewhat surprised it's not a more popular rest as I have never seen it for sale OTC at BP, Cabela's or anywhere else for that matter. So haw many out there use a Madusa Max rest?

From: drycreek
Never heard of it til now.

From: DartonJager

DartonJager's embedded Photo
DartonJager's embedded Photo
OK here is the rest. https://www.bowfingerarchery.com/drop-away-arrow-rest

From: ohiohunter
I have one, I was attracted to how the string is anchored at the rest vs my rip cord. If I had to do surgery the medusa would be cake unless of course there was an internal failure. The only odd thing is the lever that catches the rest in the up position depends on gravity. If you tilt the bow sometimes the rest will not catch in the upright position, otherwise it has been flawless for me. They just need some more exposure.

From: Denali
I have had the same one on 5 bows. Quiet, Easy to adjust and set up. American made. just bulletproof and works every time. Love em.

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