Vortex Broadheads
Black Eagle arrows
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Jasper 02-Oct-17
Trial153 02-Oct-17
Russell 02-Oct-17
From: Jasper
For those who shoot them I'd like to hear your BE arrow choice for hunting and how you like them. I'm looking for a less than standard diameter size shaft. Thank you!

From: Trial153
I use Rampages in both .350 and .300 shafts. They are a very consistent and reliable staft. I install 75 grain brass hits then foot them with flanged VPA collars. I also replace the nocks with X nocks. It's a little more expensive build then the standard components however it makes for a kick ass arrow set up. I also use Spartans in .300 spine. Just as reliable, consistent and durable. The components for the Spartans are fantastic with a Steel insert that weight can be added and also a steel nock bushing. For ease building and cost Spartans get the nod over the Rampages.

From: Russell
My favorites are X-Impact 250 and 300 wt arrows. Use their outserts.

Only buy the shafts and components. Use a Ram Arrow Spine Tester to index each arrow and to assemble the outserts.

They are one tough arrow.

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