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Charlie Rehor 03-Oct-17
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Hero Shot Outfitters is a Veteran owned, Whitetail Outfitter in the Famed "Golden Triangle" in Western Central Illinois.

Jason and his wife have agreed to host two, Combat Wounded, Purple Heart Recipients for a terrific Whitetail hunt this October 15th. I will also be there to host and video the event. I have been in contact with the two WW and needless to say they are stoked.

These Warriors answered the call and Jason has stepped up to offer this hunt. I am honored to help set these up and you Bowsiters are great supporters. Thx


Charlie Rehor's Link
I have attached a direct link if anyone wants to donate directly to support this hunt. We have tags and transportation costs to cover for the two Heros. Thanks very much. C

From: Wapitidung

From: Franzen
Hope they can get some good weather for the hunt. Good luck men. Well done as always Charlie.

I will do a "semi-live" hunt thread for this event. One of the Warriors (Marine) was shot in Iraq and the other (Army) was hit by a IED. Can't wait to spend time with these young Heros.

Thanks for all you do Charlie.

From: Brotsky
Good luck to our heroes! Thanks for all you do for our vets Charlie!

Looking forward to it. Thanks to the vets for their service and sacrifice. Thanks to the outfitter for donating the hunt. Thanks to Charlie for organizing.

From: Rocking R
Fantastic! Charlie, thanks for organizing another hunt for our Wounded Warriors. Can't wait to follow the hunt. Good stuff!


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
I will start this Semi-live hunt later today!

From: sureshot
Good luck to the warrior. The weather clears up later today, wind dies down and the first cold snap of fall arrives this week.......should be a great hunt.

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