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Boot/foot help
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From: Elkstuffer

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I have had a pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 for about 4 yrs now. I was just recently guiding a sheep hunter for a one day trip and my big toes on both feet were so sore that night and turned purple the next day. I really like the boots and have been on longer hunts with no problems. I only wear one good quality sock and i bought these boots a 1/2 bigger than i normally wear. A y suggestions. Thanks for any help.

From: Scrappy
I got one big toe that looks just like yours. I fixed my boots by just lacing them a different way. Locked the boots to my hills. Found the proper way on youtube. If you haven't already tried this it might help.

Been my experience that when I buy a 1/2 size bigger than what size my boot should be, my big toes get sore. Due to having the slack to jam against the front of the boot. I spend a lot of time on my feet in really steep terrain. So, I know that is what causes it for me. Several of the same boots models bought, with these size differences, to blame anything else. Good luck and God Bless

From: JDM
You can get rid of the purple by using some red fingernail polish. Looks to me like you should shave your toes too.

From: carcus

From: Pyrannah

From: Bill Obeid
Had that problem. Lacing combined with finding the right combination of sock and liner sock thickness.

You need those socks to cushion without being too tight. If you have too much movement from space that should be taken up by socks or if your lace is too loose , your toes take a beating.

From: Spiral Horn
2nd What Bill said. Varying lacing technique and socks can make a lot of difference. But nothing can make up for starting with the wrong size.

From: jims
Are your boots loose or is your big toe rubbing because they are to tight? If too loose you might try cinching the laces. You can also replace the insoles with larger volume insoles. I always buy a 1/2 size larger so I can add insoles with more cushion. My particular feet are a lot happier in boots with plenty of room rather than too tight!

From: Franklin
If you have pain from pressure under the nail a hot needle through the nail near the cuticle can get the pressure off. This is from a "straight down hill" action and is from "slamming" forward. Sometimes it can happen if you nail is too long but this isn`t your case. Try side hilling in a serpentine fashion and tighten your laces on the descend.

From: TD
Yup, steep downhill "stubbing" your toe into the toe box. If the fit is pretty close, lacing like they said above (there are half dozen or more ways to lace boots to help make them do you want them to. YouTube.) Thicker or two pair of socks, maybe a liner and a thicker pair. Need to fix the foot back into the heel cup so it won't slide forward in the boot.

From: oldgoat

oldgoat's Link
I found this video helpful!

From: Errorhead
What’s your blood sugar numbers? Be careful!

I had the same problem on a mulie hunt in SDak. Only a problem when going downhill. Just got back from a trip to Red Wing where I got fitted for a new pair of Red Wing Setters. I'll post when I have more info. The Red Wings were 10% off this weekend. Thought the Keen boots would be really good.....

From: WapitiBob
You need a boot with a stiff enough upper to hold your foot in place when going downhill. The entire upper will shift on the sole of a soft cordura hiker.

From: midwest
I wore Lowa Caminos on my elk hunts this year and was super happy with their performance. The lacing system on these boots is superb and they just formed around my foot like no other boot I've ever worn. Highly recommend!

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