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Days off for the rut???
Whitetail Deer
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My wife and I want to take 2 days off from work to give ourselves a 4 day weekend to hunt. What two days would you take to give yourself 4 days. November 2nd-5th 4th-7th 9th-12th 11th-14th

From: Rhett Parish
I would have to go with 9th threw the 12th!!!! Ive killed my two biggest bucks that week and c big deer every year on them days!

From: LBshooter
I would say it depends on weather and pressure of your land your hunting. If it's cold I think any of the day's you've listed would be a good time to be in the woods. if the weather stays somewhat warm pick some days and hunt, it becomes a crap shoot.

We hunt private land and there is a spike in pressure from the neighbors the weekend of the 12-13 due to rifle season opening the following weekend.

From: Bowriter
What were the best days last year? It will be about the same this year. of course, that means nothing in terms of seeing rutting activity. The weather will dictate that. Check your long range weather forecast, then super impose that on the days just before the peak of the rut. All that info is available.

From: Ben Farmer
My best 4 days would be 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. With that said, you never know what's gonna happen with the weather and when a hot doe might come by so that's why I'm off from October 25th to November 20th this year with the exception of 2 Sundays I have to work! And in Pa, we still can't hunt Sundays:)

Wife shot a 1.5 year old on the 5th last year and I saw a nice buck on the 12th but couldn't get a shot. Both days were Saturdays last year.

From: Twanger
I like the 4th-7th of the options you presented. After the 10th it is common by us for the mature bucks to be with does. Great activity just before that if it is cool.

From: mattandersen
Don't exclude Halloween...always been good to me!

Full moon is Nov 3. I would try to get away from that. So look at your later dates.

From: deaver25btb
It is going to be a regional thing. For my lease, the 9th-12th would be best. I will be at camp from 11/5 to 11/12 this year. I have killed big bucks the last two years on 11/12!

I would go with the 4th-7th in WI. The 6th is my all time favorite day. Sit all day and the moon won't matter that much except that it might encourage more mid-day activity. Check my trophy photos and look at the dates of my Wisconsin kills.

From: bill brown
If you can, wait until you have a weather forecast. I would hate to take the days off and hunt in 80degree weather.

From: mfg bowyer
In WI. I would stay away from the weekend before the gun opener as all kind of guys checking out the rifle stands.

From: woodguy65
All of those days are top-shelf days! Weather will be the single biggest factor - period, which you can't predict at this point.

From: Corn bore
9th to 12th from many years experience. Sweet spot it is.

All are good dates, however if you can I would definitely check the weather and plan accordingly. My pick with the moon phase this year would be the 9-12th.

From: Sam S
9th thru 12th

Thanks guys. I took off the 6th-7th with the 9th-10th as back up dates if the weather looks bad.

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