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An Archery Season in Nevada video series
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c3 05-Oct-17
midwest 05-Oct-17
elkstabber 05-Oct-17
c3 05-Oct-17
GotBowAz 05-Oct-17
Willieboat 05-Oct-17
sticksender 06-Oct-17
Treeline 06-Oct-17
HerdManager 06-Oct-17
Ron Niziolek 06-Oct-17
Rcarter 06-Oct-17
Inshart 06-Oct-17
From: c3
A good friend drew a coveted NV archery elk tag this year and I was fortunate to have been able to join him for all of his hunt. Here's all the action from hunting and filming the largest bull elk ever filmed in 4K and having it shot right in front of us with a rifle to the many run ins with the local guide/wealth tag/bounty hunter/glassers roaming those hills. An amazing place with amazing critters for sure. Definitely some of the most incredible critters I've ever had the opportunity to film.

Cheers, Pete

From: midwest
Stunning videography and editing as usual, Pete! Truly an elk mecca.

Part 4 please!!!!

From: elkstabber
Great footage and good music. But I'm confused. Was it an archery tag? How was a bull killed with a rifle? Was it a "Governor's" tag type of deal? Or was it poached?

From: c3
In Nevada it's called a Heritage tag. He paid $100k for it and can hunt anywhere anytime. Frustrating for sure, but them's are the rules and we knew them going in. Unfortunately they have two of the auction Heritage tags and two of the draw Silverstate tags out there like this and we only thought there was one of each and both had already been shot.

From: GotBowAz
Great job as always Pete. I thoroughly enjoyed your videos.

From: Willieboat
Thanks for sharing !

From: sticksender
You are very talented Mr C3. Your videos are the best.

From: Treeline
Awesome videos of a bunch of awesome bull elk! Makes me want a Nevada elk tag!

From: HerdManager
Awesome footage, but I was expecting hunting footage?? I didn't see any stalks or hunting, just videos of elk.

From: Ron Niziolek
Great videos!

From: Rcarter
Outstanding video Mr Carney. Cody Christiansen is a great guy. Can't wait to see how it ends up.

From: Inshart
Bummer, couldn't find any "shooter" bulls in that area I see. WOW

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