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wow, the week could get better
Whitetail Deer
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From: Fields

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When i thought this week couldn't have gotten any better after my boy killed his first buck on Monday with the bow......... Tonight i went to a spot I hunt sparingly, due to the fact I don't see many deer there. But, the area had more deer sign this year then I remember seeing but nothing that would alert you to the buck I saw tonight. 5:00 I have a spike and 3 point come in to 25 yards to feed, soon joined by a doe. They feed for half an hour and soon I see another small buck coming from behind. I haven't seen a deer all season so far and in 30 minutes, three buck..... 5:50 I see a shadow coming from behind the deer and as soon as I put the binoculars on him, I see he is really nice. He feeds to 50 yards then i lose him in the brush. Not 5 minutes later, him and one of the other small buck start fighting and the bigger one knocks the smaller one right off his feet. The small buck runs passed me followed by another little buck, the big buck starts walking right to me, I'm turned and got ready to shoot, but he stops 15 yards behind my stand giving me no shot. I wait and he eventually turns and walks back the way he came. As I'm watching him walk out of my life, I hear a deer coming off the side of the hill toward me, I turn, see its a buck, binoc him and almost flip out of my stand, He's bigger then the first buck I saw, but never expected he was as nice as he is. As he is walking in, I draw and at 25 yards he stops in the brush, no shot. He pauses, for maybe 30 seconds and finally walks into a small clearing giving me a clear shot. I hear my arrow bound off of the rocks and am unsure of the shot. I give it time, finally get down and walk out and find my arrow with only minimal blood on the fletching... uh oh....... I quickly look for a trail and find a small splatter of blood about 45 yards away. Instead of looking further, I decide to go home for my boy. An hour later, we return, expecting to spend the night looking. (Its 82 degrees and not expecting to cool down much....) We get to the spot of blood I found earlier, and start looking. We follow small drops of blood for 10 yards and then a fair size pool, walk a bit more and another good size pool... Suddenly, my boy says "Oh my god dad, there he is" Wow........ I never expected a buck like this in a spot like this..... 185 lb, 9 point. The deer ran maybe 100 yards from shot. 60lb mathews Z7, gold tip shaft, 3 blade VPA 100.

From: Nimrod90
Congrats! very nice buck!

From: PushCoArcher
Congratulations. Awesome always nice to get one early.

From: BigOk
Great buck.

Blessed you are! Enjoy!

From: GhostBird
Congratulations... nice buck.

From: venison
Nice buck !

From: drycreek
Congrats ! I'm sitting in a tripod right now waiting on one just like yours ......


From: RutnStrut
Awesome, great job.

From: WoundChannel
Awesome Buck! heckuva week!

Congratulations, man! Very nice.

From: T Mac
Wow he's a beauty congratulations!

From: 12yards
Beautiful buck man congrats!

From: sticksender
Nice buck, congrats. How long are those arrows?

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